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any one starting yet? i havent received my letter yet...... i received SBVC and it will be a year wait... but i also applied at RCC..... i was firsy priority on their list so we'll see how that goes... Read More

  1. by   Indolent
    Can someone explain this point system to me? I'm just curious, when I got in it was based on classes, gpa, address/location, etc.
  2. by   blueteam
  3. by   blueteam
    Hello, I will be applying this month and hope to get invited to the TEAS test Nov. I am standing at 50pts prior to the Teas test. I need at least 82 pts for the extra 30pts. I am not impressed with their GPA point distribution. Say if you get 3.48, you will get 15 points not 20 points for 3.5 Gpa. The round down and do not divide to the decimal. Good luck to us.
  4. by   hulk123
    how do i know if i can take the TEAS for free at rcc?
  5. by   AloeBlox
    yes i agree with you Eli. i am also not satisfied with their point distribution. it does not seem fair. i have a 3.4 on both sections and i will be getting those freaking points that some one else would get with a 3.0. i cant believe that. Im hoping this time when people apply, that most of them are in progress. This is the 1st time this school is going by points. a huge plus this time is that. lets say me or you have one class in progress.... those students will not gain any pts. in that category. p s about the teas contact that campus i have no idea...... good luck to all of us.... it will be nice if we all got in together ;p.
  6. by   blueteam
    Cor- I never thought about that! Those ppl in progress with their sciences that didn't get their grade, hmmmm. Well, I think they might be one of those 5% in the lottery. I am like .04 off the GPA line and will lose 5 points. At least give me 4.24 or something points.

    About the TEAS. If you look at the application, there is a box you check "did you complete your sciences?" Mark yes and they will invite you to take the free test November. They will contact you through letter.

    Due date is Oct 1!!!!
  7. by   hulk123
    i totally agree about the points i got a 3.6 in the sciences and a 3. freakin 4 in general ed and im only getting 15 pts. have you all studied for the TEAS good luck
  8. by   blueteam
    No, but I looking into the TEAS just a little. Anyone here is getting frustrated with transcripts being transfered to the nursing dept.? I am. Seems that they haven't received 60% of my transcripts. Not good! Due date is soon.
  9. by   blueteam

    You should deserve like 16 points not the full 20 points I am 3.48 in sciences, about 0.02 away from another 5 points. Ahh, just give me 4.89 points geez!
  10. by   hulk123

    how do you know if the nursing department has received all of the transcripts.... i know mine were on file but did i have to send them to the nursing dept?
  11. by   blueteam
    Webadvisor and I called them. They said nursing dept or counseling department is fine.
  12. by   hulk123
    o ok cool... hope we get in
  13. by   hulk123
    did u gove all your transcripts early? if so you should be fine