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any one starting yet? i havent received my letter yet...... i received SBVC and it will be a year wait... but i also applied at RCC..... i was firsy priority on their list so we'll see how that goes... Read More

  1. by   hulk123
    im takin the free TEAS test in november but so far i have 45 points... if i get a 90 percent which i hope i get i will have 80 points.. was the teas hard?
  2. by   AloeBlox
    That exam is a joke I studied all the pre reqs because I thought it was going to be based on that but it's a standardized exam. I have a frien who has a 2.3 gps which I belive it's a joke n he got a 89. Good luck maybe we will meet each other in program haha
  3. by   hulk123
    for sure, who did u take micro with and anatomy?whats ur gpa? sorry for all the questions
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  4. by   dianah
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  5. by   AloeBlox
    i took micro at cal state i recently graduated with a degree in MGMT law. decided that i wanted to try nursing around a year ago 1/2 thats when i started doing all my pre reqs
  6. by   hulk123
    awesome good luck to us
  7. by   AloeBlox
    are you a student at rcc? hows campus life? im trying it out this semester to get a taste of it just in case i start the program i dont want to be lost and new to the school when the program starts. (thats only if i get in) the only thign so far i dislike about that campus is the parking..... it SUCKS.... at cal state we have lots of parking.....rcc i was like wow on the 1st day.....
  8. by   nursingrocks71
    Oh yeah......I go two days a week, Tuesday and Friday. I got parking tickets BOTH DAYS! i was not a happy camper. I was desperate on Tuesday, would have been late to class if I didnt park in a NO PARKING zone. On Friday, I thought okay, I'll go early and park at the Presperterian Church. I still got a ticket. Apparently, you have to pay them in advance. I have no idea what I'll do next Tuesday. They SAY it gets better after about three weeks. I hope so. Thanks for the info. I am worried about getting in. I have 80pts but I hear they have 300-400 apps for about 60 spaces. As I have no idea of what the other students have as far as points, it's hard to judge what my chances are. I am starting at RCC new this fall as well. I went to college in Oklahoma before this. It was much nicer to be honest.
  9. by   AloeBlox
    Ehhh I don't think it's going to be 300 this time I was informed before students were able to apply when they had classes in progress but now it's not like that anymore. Everything has to be completed before applying therefore I belive this tji
    e there will be less people qualified and 80 pts is pretty good you should get in with no problem I got 70 pts if I don't get in this time I will finish my masters in public adminitration next year.
  10. by   AloeBlox
    P s it's 80 spaces
  11. by   hulk123
    yes i did all my pre reqs at rcc and i like the campus.. yea, the parking is a drag but only for 2 weeks like nursingrocks said... but actually, there are like 3 spots you can park from.... but yea i like the campus and all the teachers are nice, and the head of the nursing evaluations is nice. man i hope i get 80 pts .... i need at least an 80 percent on the teas to get 80 pts. im taking it at rcc in november.... ahhhhhhhhh... study time
  12. by   rollerman
    coriaa1, did you also apply in sbvc, do you know how many students they accept each semester.
  13. by   AloeBlox
    50 yea I applied I got number 132