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I need to know asap. If you're an RN in CA, how long does it take to get into the union? Is the entire state unionized? I am in KY, which is an "at-will" state.........which means you're... Read More

  1. by   hopefully
    The union helps employees in getting good pay and benifits.
  2. by   wjf00
    Quote from bukko
    Why would anyone not want to be in a union? QUOTE]

    1. When one has a good administration like I'm lucky to work with.

    2. When the administration listens to the concerns of all employees, not just the special interest groups.

    3. When you have great benefits and a fair salary/hourly rate.

    4. When you have an employer and employees who listen and respect one another.

    My hospital is not unionized and I'm proud of it!
    1. And when your "good administration" gets bought out and downsized and you start getting it up the keister from the new boss, you have no contract to protect you.

    2. So the adminstration listens, like they listen to the birds sing in the morning, so what. With no contract they can undo anything on a whim, so they may throw you a bone every now and then.

    3. Want to compare benefits? Besides, union contracts at competing hospitals are the premise for any benefits you get.

    4. All the employees I work with respect each other, and guess what, we have no brown nosers looking to 'get one up' on anyone else.

    My hospital is unionized and I am proud of it, and my PATIENTS benefit from it.
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  3. by   teeituptom
    Thank you Lizz

    Yes I am skeptical of unions
    only because I used to be a shop steward many years ago
    where I saw the truth behind unions
    they are all the same
  4. by   teeituptom
    Quote from hopefully
    The union helps employees in getting good pay and benifits.

    all my career I have helped myself
    in getting good pay and benefits
    I dont need anyone to do that for me
  5. by   suzanne4
    I have been an RN for over twenty five years and have never belonged to a union and never plan on joining one AND I started my career in Detroit. A hospital that I had a contract a few years ago was unionized, they decided to switch unions, and got the royal screw. I have always marketed myself and have been able to get what I want and have been treated fairly, no matter where I have worked.................

    I agree with "Tom" that you should be responsible for yourself.............