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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has an answer to my question. I am relocating to California soon, only I have a NY state RN license. What are the chances of me getting interviewed with my... Read More

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    I actually did the walk-thru in Janaury and was out of the office in just a few hours. It can easily be done. If one of the states where you are licensed is on Nursys then it is even easier, otherwise you need documentation form your Board of Nursing.

    You can go to the Department of Justice for "live scan" fingerprinting, you can register for Nursys if your state is one that participtates or you can do it in Sacremento by just going to a local Kinko's. Have your two pictures with you, and then that is it. I don't know how it can be any easier than that...
    All of this can be done within a few hours in Sacremento, they will actually give you a map to get everything done. By 1 pm, you can be on your way home and able to begin work the next day.
    Thanks for the information. My state does not have nursys so have to have documentation sent from state which slows things down. Sure helps to come from a state that participates.