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Anyone else getting anxious/excited to apply for Ohlone's Fall 2013 RN program?! I thought I would start a thread. Wondering how many people out there are applying for the program, since they require... Read More

  1. by   RNstudentMom
    I did get provisionally accepted for Chabot, but since there are only 10 spots for Livermore I doubt I will get in (I live in San Ramon). Ohlone is an exceptional program. I don't think Livermore has the SIM lab like Ohlone and Chabot Hayward do.
  2. by   mindistronnie
    I know there are only 10 spots! It is crazy. I live in Livermore and would love one of those spots though I am not sure what my chances are. I am not sure about the SIM lab for Livermore. A friend of mine just graduated the program and we are getting together so I can pick her brain. I will keep you posted. I guess for now, I will say yes to Ohlone and wait and hear what Chabot has to say.
  3. by   RNstudentMom
    Great, let me know what your friend says!
  4. by   mindistronnie
    LOL ShareBear, I got your friend request....I had to look up on the lottery to make sure it was you I kept thinking why does this name sound familiar....and then I saw "Newark" and it clicked!
  5. by   RNstudentMom
    Ha! I figured since we might be classmates...
  6. by   mindistronnie
    One way or another right? Is Chabot your first choice?
  7. by   jstrawberry
    Does anyone know a little history about the waitlist process.? I am number 25 out of 56 on the waitlist. On the overall lottery list I am number 69. I thought that last year it was said at the general nursing meeting that a spot was offered up to number 80 that year, and that is usually the highest it goes. But when I met with counselor Jack this year I believe he said they only went up to number 60 this year. Does anyone have a little insight? It would be greatly appreciated. :***:
  8. by   mindistronnie
    I have no idea jstrawberry. I do know that people are still waiting to hear from other programs. I am sure that people will end up relinquishing their spots because they got accepted into other schools. I am not sure if CSU East Bay has notified yet....but i had heard that they took up to spot 80 last year as well. Maybe we were at the same meeting since that is where I heard it as well. I will keep y fingers crossed for you.
  9. by   jstrawberry
    Anyone heard anything about the waitlisted moving up?
  10. by   luffle
    Don't worry too much. It'll only stress you out.