Ohlone Fall 2013 RN program hopefuls - page 3

Anyone else getting anxious/excited to apply for Ohlone's Fall 2013 RN program?! I thought I would start a thread. Wondering how many people out there are applying for the program, since they require... Read More

  1. by   RNstudentMom
    It's 3:30pm and no email. I am now really nervous!
  2. by   RNstudentMom
    Has anyone heard anything?
  3. by   kristinannbeck
    i have not.. unfortunately they don't say when they're going to let us know so it could be the whole month of may we wait!! awful stuff
  4. by   kristinannbeck
    i was hoping to be out of the house all day so i wouldn't even have the option to keep checking but my baby's got the flu! so we've been at home all day and I just can't help myself :/
  5. by   RNstudentMom
    Sorry to hear Kristen. How old is your little one? I'm a mom too! I have a three and a half year old girl and a five and a half year old boy. My little girl has a fever today, so I am in the same boat as you
  6. by   kristinannbeck
    she's a few months away from 2.. and she also has a fever! no fun. but I guess cleaning up throw up has kept me busy enough today fingers crossed that someone gets an email tomorrow.. the year to year waiting is just becoming a lot to handle!
  7. by   RNstudentMom
    Ugh, you deserve to have some good news after the day you have had! Yes, let's pray for good news tomorrow
  8. by   alibear27
    I didn't hear anything today either.
  9. by   RNstudentMom
    There are two different spots on Ohlone's Nursing website that say students accepted for Fall will be notified by May, and those accepted for Spring will be notified by September. I am just hoping they are behind for some reason this year, since it is already May...
  10. by   kristinannbeck
    I think they officially offer you the spots for spring in september, but in the past they've basically sent out all acceptance emails in may. They just don't know exactly who will be going to spring until they hear back from all the people accepted/waitlisted for fall. Does that make sense? haha It barely made sense to me. Either way, once we see where we are on the list we'll have a good idea of whether or not we get to go and which semester. Ahhhh! high hopes and fingers crossed!
  11. by   RNstudentMom
    A friend of mine heard they will email those accepted "later this week or next week". Lets hope for tomorrow!
  12. by   RNstudentMom
    Ladies, I just got my acceptance letter for Fall at Ohlone! Good luck to you all, I hope we will be classmates!
  13. by   mindistronnie
    Congrats!!! I also got my acceptance today!