NRP in So CA, anyone?

  1. Urgently seeking NRP provider course in the So CA area, near San Diego.....Anyone know of one??? Already checked various hospitals and googled it, but didn't find much except 1 course which starts in Nov (can't wait that long).....

    Thank you for your time and reply.......
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Is this a re-cert or 1st time?

    And, have you gotten the new book yet?
  4. by   rn_happy
    1st time and no I haven't gotten the book yet, but could you direct me to where I may??? THANK YOU so much for your help..........rn_happy
  5. by   chare
    The American Academy of Pediatric's NRP website is located at the following URL:

    Using either the "Provider Resources" or "Course Materials and Essentials" links located at the left of the page, information is available regarding posted upcoming courses and course materials.

    In addition, you might consider contacting the nursing educators in either OB, mother/baby, or NICU at hospitals in your area regarding classes they might be planning but which have not been posted at the NRP website.

    Hope you find this helpful
  6. by   prmenrs
    You can get the book on Amazon:

    This link is for the latest edition-2006.

    I'm getting mine renewed this coming wk, but it's not for 1st time certifiers.

    You might try calling the American Heart Ass'n to see if they know who's having a class. Count on it taking 8 hrs the 1st time. The more familiar you are w/the material, the faster it will go.
  7. by   rn_happy
    if anyone is interested, please check out this great site.....................
  8. by   busy_RN
    the absolute BEST NRP (and I have been to classes) is the nurse that teaches at the company is called HEART. She was waayyy better than the other one. nursesed seemed like she just wanted us to be done. HEART wanted us to have all the information we needed to do our job, but delivered it in a profesional and speedy manner.