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I am trying to get into the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program LVN program. I was just wondering if there is anyone here that went there. If so, how long did it take you to get in? ... Read More

  1. by   ilovedogs4
    I went to the information session last night and am a little worried. I mean there were well over 100 people there. There were so many people that they ran out of chairs for everyone. If I understand it right, I just need to pass the pre-entrance exam to be able to take my fund. 1 class. How hard is this test? I mean, they said you have to get AT LEAST a 100 on your english and 90 on your math! Do a lot of people fail this test? Also, I have already taken a Fund. 1 class at another college, will that apply? Just hopeing someone will have some insight to give me. Thanks
  2. by   oopsydayz32

    I know you made this post 3 years ago, but exactly how many points do you need? I am on the waiting list for the summer Medical Core Class, but I am worried that I may not get enough points.
    replying back to my post months ago

    i just graduated the program july 17, 2009
    whew..i came from 4 years of college and this school tested my limits to the max

    they are rigourous, whats great is they make you take the "baby boards" practice NCLEX near the end of the test your probability of you passing the NCLEX. I must say, i woke up on the wrong side of the bed, my classmates were stunned to find out we were getting tested randomly...we all did well, i got a 96% probability passing the first time.
    Point being, you cant really study for the nclex, but they do a great job of instilling their style of teaching in your head, and i must say while they were all 180 critical thinking questions, i was able to break down the question rather simply.

    If you can get into this program, its not the easiest, but i promise you, you will feel so confident after leaving this program.

    for more questions feel free to ask me. Goodluck to all

    Class A 2009

    ps. i came from lbcc, with 60 points (75 required), and never took a class at NOCROP before entering the lvn program..musta had a great interview *wink wink*
  4. by   zulugirl
    Congratulations, Neil - you must be so happy and proud! Good luck with your career!
    I am so excited as I've been accepted and will be starting the NOCROP LVN program next month and wondered if you could make some suggestions for me to get a head start with my reading and/or review. I completed the Fundamentals I and CNA classes in Spring 2009. I agree with you - the teachers are wonderful! Also, is there a particular NCLEX prep book that was your favorite? What steps should I take now to ensure that I get accepted into an RV program later? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  5. by   TuyenPreNurse58

    I just past the pre-entrance exam for Fund I with a perfect score of Reading 129, Math: 129. So Im a shoe in for the class. I really suggest going to the (click CBEST) and practice those! Practice all the math and only reading compreshension. Thats what I did 3 hours before the test What I'm worried about is I do not have a CNA cert. Will that hinder me from entering into the program? UGh..I hate this nervousness...I know I can definitely make it through the program, but if I dont have the points I won't get in and Ive wasted $$$ and time to try to get in. Please let me now how crutial a CNA cert is. I don't have time to get one. If anyone can message me or email me then I will be very greatful thanks!
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  6. by   nmac19
    I also pass tabe test but I am nervous about the points. I am CNA certified & I am still paranoid.
  7. by   TuyenPreNurse58
    Quote from nmac19
    I also pass tabe test but I am nervous about the points. I am CNA certified & I am still paranoid.
    Hey Congrats! Maybe Ill see you in class! Which one are u taking ? MW or TTH? I hear that 50 percent who pass the class with an A get in the program. But thats ppl I know have the CNA =( (im depressed)
  8. by   nmac19
    Thanks n likewise well I picked the m/w class. Don't be deppresed if you do your best Youll get in
  9. by   BeJuled
    Hey! have you guys heard anything from NOCROP yet? I also passed the test... and am waiting to hear back. I'm really anxious because I REALLY want to get into the program... Let me know if you guys hear anything!
  10. by   nmac19
    Sure I haven't heard anything either. I'm so anxious too. Hopefully we get in.
  11. by   TuyenPreNurse58
    If you sent them an email you should have received a reply stating theyll get back to you by April 23rd so dont worry theyre probably still sorting out to class list. I hope the classes are small so we have more of a chance to get into the program.
  12. by   TuyenPreNurse58
    Hi I just wanted to let you guys know I got my acceptance email today for the Fund I class. The Registration fee is $60. The textbook and Homework CD is $65 total, so the class is affordable. If you do not hear from them by saturday I suggest you re-email them to see if they overlooked you.
  13. by   BeJuled
    I got my acceptance email too!! YAY! One step closer.... What days are you doing? Mines Mon/Wed.