Newly qualified emigrating to California

  1. Hey there, I was wondering if any of you could help me or know of anyone who i could contact who can.

    I am currently studying for an Advanced Diploma in Adult Nursing leading to RN registration in the UK, I am nearing the end of the second year. My partner is an American citizen and his visa runs out the month I qualify and he has asked me to return to California with him.

    I am aware I have to sit the NCLEX exam but do I require any experience to work in the states or can i obtain a newly qualified RN position over there? Is there a course I would have to or could complete instead of having experience?

    I do not want to have wasted three years and give up a job I love but I also do not want to stay in the UK when my partner will be going back to the States. I would be grateful for any help or advice you have on this matter.

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  3. by   madwife2002

    I believe and others from Uk will put me right if I am wrong that you may have to make up your hours in certain areas which include midwifery (ob's and gynae), mental health, paeds. Correct me if I am wrong but your training does not include any of the above at least not the practical stuff.

    Go to the CGFNS web site and that will give you more information. Aolso if you are not married to your American partner you will only be able to go to US on visitors visa and you wouldnt be able to work on that visa and you can only stay for a short period of time 6mnths I think.

    forgive me if I am wrong.

    PS try posting in either international forum or the UK forum cause that's where experts on emigration tend to post
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    just answered on UK forum and like Kay said read up on the international forum
  5. by   suzanne4
    You will definitely need to make up the hours. You need hours in Mental Health as well as pedicatrics to be able to qualify to sit for the NCLEX exam in the US. Unfortunately, Australia, as well as the UK is now trianing "Specialists", and both Canada and the US require "Generalists"

    As stated above, there are already many posts about this..............just do a search on this site for more info.