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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   SakuraK
    Congrats to all that have made it in the program!!!!
  2. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey guys! I finally received my packet! Although when I opened it there were only three pages...I was expecting a bit more. Has anyone else received there packets? It says something about the Health and Immunization form yet it was not included. Do I have to request this or did they just forget to put it in?

    I also had a question for the people already in the Nursing Program. In my packet I have my schedule. I am not sure if they still have the same format but what was your week like for NSG205/205A? What days did you go to school, etc? I am really hoping to make it to my cousin's wedding during that class and I really hope it is possible! Thanks for your input!

    Hiphippo, Murse...have you heard anything yet? I would give them a call if you haven't.
  3. by   Nanann220
    Hi Twilight_ Saturn,

    I am a new member and I have been reading your posts about the ILR260 challenge exam, I am suppose to take it tomorrow and was wondering if you could remember any specific things that I should brush up on? Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, and congratulations on getting accepted, I am hoping to apply in December for the May 2010 cohort.
  4. by   twilight_saturn
    Hi Nanann220! When I took it there were three parts to it: power point presentation, multiple choice test (75 questions I think), and iLibrary quiz. First off, you can prepare for the iLibrary quiz now. It is the the website. Go here: On the drop-down menu select iLibrary quiz and take it. What I did was memorize the questions and answers to the test. This way I got 100% on it for the test day. For the muliple choice section, just study whatever the study guide tells you to. Brush up on APA format for sources and MLA. I remember them having quite a few questions on it. The rest were pretty simple. As for the powerpoint, they are going to give you a choice of 2 or 3 (can't remember) topics to choose from. Just remember: if you site sources, make sure they are in the proper format!! Other than that, you will be fine!! Good luck tomorrow and I hope I was able to help!

    Good luck on your application!
  5. by   Nanann220

    Thank you for all your info, I really appreciate it. It was a surprise to me that I even have to take this test, due to the fact that I was originally told that I had met the prereqs at my city college..funny how information suddenly changes from one person to another. But oh well, I just have to do whatever I can to get my prereqs out of the way. I am really hoping to pass this exam, although I most likely will not get the results back in time before the class actually starts, I was told to enroll in the class and then IF I do pass the test I can drop the online class after, I am just trying to be able to apply in December. I am so stressed out, I am taking both Micro and Physio this semester, and if I have to take this online class that just adds another stress, along with studying for the TEAS and taking care of my 4 and 2 year old boys. YIKES! But it will be worth it in the end. Thank you again for your help! I really really appreciate it!
  6. by   twilight_saturn
    Oh my... You do have a lot on your plate! I can relate to not getting the correct information...I could have applied a year ago, but I was told different things from different people. But I made it and you will too! You have the right idea: it will be worth it in the end! Be sure to check out the penalties of dropping classes...even though they tell you that, make sure it will not tarnish your record with them. I hope you get your results on time. I was surprised to get it under 4 weeks when they told me 4-8 weeks. I really hope the same happens to you! Good luck!
  7. by   DanielleL
    :spin: Hey y'all. I'm new on this site and I was wondering how many people here are going to the November 20th orientation for Cohort 21 starting in January 2010?? I look forward to getting to know y'all. Thanks!!
  8. by   SakuraK
    Hey Twilight,

    I just got my 3 paged packet on the 6th too. Surprisingly thin huh? Since your packet is just as small, I suspect that they will email you all the required forms a couple months before your orientation date. I lost my immunization records a few years back, so it was a bit of a hassle to get that sheet filled out. Other than that, the only other required item that took some time to complete was a CPR/AED class. On the day of orientation your supposed to show proof that you're CPR/AED certified. If you have free time and want to get it out of the way you can take the class soon.
  9. by   smurfsup
    Congrats to everyone that got accepted into National University! I attend National right now for their BSN....Cohort 15 !
  10. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey Sakura,

    Yeah! All that waiting for the packet and it's 3 pages...:lol_hitti. Your right, they said in part of the letter that I will be mailed additional info on the orientation 2 months before...which is next month! They should just mail everything together! Would save them money on postage! lol! Talking about immunizations, I am getting my final Hep B shot today. I also have the CPR/AED already thanks to my internship at Palomar Hospital! I remember how much of a hassle it was though to get it before the orientation for the internship along with proof of immunizations/titers! Thanks for your advice though! I really appreciate it! I also look forward to hearing all about the orientation when you go! :spin:
  11. by   twilight_saturn
    Hi smurfsup!

    Tell me, does your name have anything to do with the color of the scrubs for National? :chuckle Just kidding! So what class are you in right now? How do you like the program so far? Any advice for future students?
  12. by   twilight_saturn
    Oh I thought of another question for current students at we get to choose our teachers or are they automatically assigned to us? I hope we have some choice!
  13. by   Harparia
    Quote from twilight_saturn
    do we get to choose our teachers or are they automatically assigned to us? I hope we have some choice!
    Unfortunately, you have absolutely no choice about the instructor, day, or time of your classes. However, you can put in a request for certain clinical days/times (ie/ evenings and weekends) to the Nursing Compliance Analyst and she will try to work with you. Once the schedule is made it is YOUR responsibility to find someone to switch with if you don't like your schedule. If you can't find anyone to switch with, you are stuck where they place you.
    Make sure you have a flexible schedule with lots of backup plans for child care (if you have kids). The school has a tendency to throw in mandatory orientations that aren't on the schedule, and your clinical days usually change drastically every 8 weeks.
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