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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   hiphippo
    I guess you're just one of the lucky ones sakurak. As for us, we're waiting anxiously as you can already tell. It's hard to figure out how they're doing these acceptances. My GPA is a 3.0 (don't think its that high) and I've never taken any of my prereqs over. My teas score is average though and not sure how well I did on the essay. To me, not that great. I'm not good at timed essays either and I'm not sure how well I got to the point on my essay. Ugh, who knows! I just hope I get accepted.
  2. by   twilight_saturn
    I think it will always remain a mystery as to how they send out acceptances...My GPA is a 3.53, TEAS: 85.3%, and I dunno about my essay...there are times where I thought I probably didn't even answer the question correctly! There is just no's driving me nuts! But if anything screwed me was the essay!
  3. by   h0n3ybee
    hello all,
    The job market out there is extremely brutal. I still do not have a job and have applied to every hospital in san diego and have gotten as many certifications as i can. I do hope the economy gets better. most of the hospitals in san diego are on a hiring freeze. UCSD cancelled their october new grad program. scripps had 6 new grad positions open and over 1000 applicants for july. most of the people from my cohort who did get jobs were lvn's who were able to switch into a RN position and had externships from a hospital and got hired. some moved to other parts of california. I am hoping to get an interview from Sharp for the january/ february program.

    here's my advise to future students: try your best to get an externship if you don't already have a job in the hospital.while you are on the floor during clinicals talk to staff and possibly the nurse manager. the only difficult thing is national does not have a externship program and they do not help you get one either. so you have to do everything yourself on top of going to school.

    good luck all and dont ever give up i am still hopeful that i will get a job after all this hard work.
  4. by   prettyinpink57
    Thanks honeybee! Good luck with your job search and keep us updated, we appreciate it!
  5. by   SakuraK
    Twilight- I wasn't calling you cruel. I was saying that I wouldn't be so cruel to mislead anyone, especially people who could soon be my peers. Sharing my good news and estimated stats, I thought, would make people more excited and self-assured of their acceptance. I did not intend to make people nervous wrecks. And given the information you were told, I do understand your skepticism of my acceptance. However, your post was a bit uncouth. Anyhow, your stats are strong and I'm sure you got in.

    Honeybee- Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to follow your advice.
  6. by   hiphippo
    Is there a certain TEAS score that national university requires to get into the program? Or does they just do overall scoring with everything?
  7. by   gnomik79
    honeybee, thanks for keeping us posted - it is much appreciate it! It's great that you're not giving up hope! Best of luck to you and I hope you find a job or an externship soon! Thanks for your advice!
  8. by   twilight_saturn
    Honeybee, thank you so much for this information! I hope you find a job soon!! Do you know where or how to get an externship at a hospital? I read somewhere on another thread talking about obtaining one from some college...I think it was called Southwestern College?? Not sure but I am currently an intern at Palomar Hospital and I hope it is possible to get one there...but doesn't really matter which one!

    Sakura, all I have to say is re-read your last post. You did not say that. Either way, this honestly does not phase me one bit. I tried to drop it and I hope you do too. I still do not find my actions to be "uncouth" as you put it. I was going by what National told me and I apologize again for it.

    Hey Hiphippo, there is no required TEAS score that I know of. I was told to just aim for the highest you can...but then again judging by my past accusations based on what they tell me, I could be wrong...:icon_roll Either way, I am sure you are fine!

    YAY! Letters were sent out today!! I will cross my fingers for everyone!!! Good luck to us!!!
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  9. by   dachlewis
    Hello everyone! I just got accepted into the 22nd Cohort starting in April 2010 at National University! That was a long long wait!!!

    Congratulations to everyone else who got accepted!

    If you did not get accepted do not give up!
  10. by   hiphippo
    Congrats!! I'm happy for those that got accepted but getting a bit anxious. Did you get a letter or email, dachlewis?
  11. by   dachlewis
    I got an email about 5:30 this evening. The subject was "Regarding Your Application.."
    It said they would send me more information in the mail at a later date. I think they were overwhelmed by all the applications.
  12. by   hiphippo
    can i ask what you're stats are? TEAS, GPA..etc
  13. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey! I just got an email too! I will also be going into the 22nd cohort! Wohoo! Yeah that title of the email scared me a bit when I opened it...oh well! I got the same info that was given to dachlewis! Hooray!