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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   taniamcobb
    Hey everyone,
    I was just reading that some of you have already done the orientation for national...I go to mine November 20th. I just had a quick question. In one of the emails that I was sent they said that there would be some preliminary testing at you what kind? I was just wondering if it is something that I need to study for. Some of you have probably already started your is it??? Thanks for any input.
  2. by   twilight_saturn
    Ugh! The wait is killing me! :icon_roll
  3. by   prettyinpink57
    don't worry tania, it's nothing you can study's just a test to check your learning abilities. you take it again at the end of the program to show improvement.
  4. by   twilight_saturn
    People already in the program: What is a typical week for you? How far in did you start doing clinicals or did you start them the first month in? How many days are you in class/clinicals? Thanks for your input!!!
  5. by   maiday
    Hi twilight,
    I'm in cohort 19 (started in July). We are now in our 3rd class (Fundamentals) and we go to Med-Surg the last week in Oct. A typical week seems to be 3 days a week in something, class, lab or clinical. Depends on the class though. The 2nd class is Pharmacology and it doesn't have a lab so it's only 2 days a week. For my current class, I have theory Monday 3-9pm and lab Thursday/Friday 1-9pm. We went to a nursing home during our first class, but only 1 time and that was to take a health assessment (questions only) of a patient. This class is the first class for clinicals. We were supposed to go to the hospitals last week, but they decided we would do a simulation first so we will have 4 days of hospital starting next week Thur/Fri 7am-5 or 7pm. The next class will be hospital Mon, simulation lab Tues and theory Wed. We will be going to the hospitals our first day of that class. Keep in mind though that each class is different and since the classes are 1-2 months long your schedule is changing all the time. We usually find out our schedule a month in advance, but sometimes only like 3 weeks notice. Plus, National changes things often so who knows. Pharmocology used to be online and at the end, now it's the 2nd class and it's in class. So be flexible. Some people work in my cohort and they are having a really hard time with the schedule. Not too mention the work overload. Hope this gives you a bit of a clearer picture.
  6. by   twilight_saturn
    WOW! Thank you so much for that wealth of information!! I really appreciate it! I definitely won't be working while going to National because I can only imagine how little time you are left with! Do you like the classes? I am doing an internship at Palomar Hospital right now and I have met two people from National. The one I just met today is also an intern and she just finished and said it was amazing. The other one I talked to also liked it but she said to be prepared to teach yourself. Do you agree with that?
  7. by   maiday
    That's great that you are getting hospital experience. I don't have any, but I think it would be helpful, if only for the patient interaction. I do like the classes, but like anywhere I've had some really great teachers, some okay and some really bad. I would agree that you have to somewhat teach yourself. The classes are so fast paced that there is no way they can cover everything you need to know. You need to study a lot on your own and the labs help a lot because it's hands on. We are usually covering 4-6 chapters in one day so you can imagine how it goes. I think my first class the midterm was over 12 chapters, and this last midterm was more than that. But I am really enjoying it and learning a lot. You get what you put into it.
  8. by   twilight_saturn
    Yeah, the hospital experience is great! I have no problems approaching patients and it has really got me used to the hospital setting. I love it! Do they have some kind of guide to help you with the self taught material? I am only a little worried because I am a very structured person! Studying on my own is fine though--i actually prefer it that way! Thanks!!!
  9. by   prettyinpink57
    Hey twilight are you a CCE at Palomar? I'm in my Med-Surg II rotation at Pomerado hospital and the CCE's are all so helpful! I know you were wondering about hours and everything for the program and for this class we are doing 20 hours a week at the hospital (one 12 hour shift and one 8 hour shift) and then a 5 hour lecture once a week. I've had great teachers in the program (especially for med surg) but there is just no possible way they can teach you everything...there is TOO much information! So when I am not in class or at the hospital I study with a couple girls from my cohort and we literally just sit there and read the textbook to each other...and it helps a lot! Anyways, just thought i'd throw in my 2 cents for ya! Our next class is labor and delivery and i can't wait!

    ...Just gotta get through the rest of med-surg II alive first! HAHA
  10. by   twilight_saturn
    Yeah! I am at Palomar Hospital...on the 8th floor Med/Surg!!! How funny! I think you are at the one in Poway though correct? I am in the one in Escondido. I am glad to hear that they are being helpful! We try! Thank you so much for your input!! I really appreciate it!!
  11. by   Murse520
    I just graduated from the CCE program in august, your on your first rotation twilight?
  12. by   twilight_saturn
    Yes I am! About half way through it too! I just chose what departments I want to work in next rotation! I am trying to get as many hours done before I start at National. I will have over 120 hours for my first rotation!! Congrats on graduating!! By the way, it is the 10th already!! I was told everyone should be getting responses from their application towards the end of this month!!
  13. by   maiday
    I think when we say "teach yourself" we more mean you have to do a lot of studying. They go over a ppt in class and are very helpful with any questions, but like pretty in pink said, there is so much info. They are hitting the key points but this will be your career, not just school so you really kinda kneed to know as much as you can. But that is the book stuff. In lab, they show you everything and you practice everything. It's still super fast, but it's hands on so it's not too bad.