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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   Shady602
    Wow! Thanks so sharing that! BUt my question is : Do they provide you with a study guide outline or atleast tell you what they expect you to know for the quizes , midterms, finals?

    Quote from Tuquies
    Well like Ashley said the books are the same, also to answer your other question yes the AVERAGE grade in the class as of now seems to be in the mid-C range! And believe me, we are NO slackers. 4 People have already left this program/cohort, to either start again..or I don't know. You have to go into this understanding that school is your new husband/wife, studying is your new pass-time, and writing papers/doing projects is what will replace your sleep. We have Gone to 6 theory classes and 6 labs in less than 3 weeks, every week we over about 6-8 chapters. We have had 1 quiz and a midterm, 1 comprehensive assessment paper that averaged about 10 pages, a day at the SNF (a Saturday, they told us about 3 days before we had to go), 2 group projects, a scholarly paper, a basic vital signs pass/fail test, and not to mention this whole time we are studying and practicing for our skills lab, that we have to take a test with a live model that is pass/fail THIS thursday to see if we can go on in the program.
    Let me give you a break down of next week. Mind you this is our 3rd week of class, we are only skipping ONE chapter in the Jarvis book (Infants Ch 26 or something)
    Monday: Quiz Ch17-23
    Tuesday: Complete Physical Examination paper due.
    Wedsday: Final goup projecgt w/evaluations & Adendum due, and group presentations
    Thursday: Skills test on Ch 1-30 Pass/Fail
    Saturday: Final Ch17-30. This class is over
    That following Monday: Our second class, Pharmocology begins, they say this is the second hardest class in nursing school, next to Med-Surg.

    Don't worry about the questions that is what we are here for in the first place I know that feeling of not knowing, I was there less that a month ago although now it feels like forever ago! If you have any other questions, we are a chatty bunch of girls so when we have time we sure will anser!
  2. by   gnomik79
    Study Guides??? Um... No! You are responsible to study pretty much everything. They may tell you like "well, don't concentrate on this abnormality" for instance but that's about it. Each chapter has about 10-15 abnormalities, and the prof may skip 1-2 if that. So, you do the math. The midterm questions are mostly critical thinking in nature BUT there were some anatomy and abnormality questions. And since you don't know which one you will be asked on, you have to study them all if you want to do well. The prof has power pt presentations but since she goes over 4 chapters a day, her pp presentations are more like an outline, so you will have to read the book anyways to learn the details. I hate to disappoint you but some of our professors just expect us to figure things out on our own and are not good at being clear on what's expected of us.
  3. by   Shady602
    Is there anyway i can take a look at those powerpoints?
  4. by   gnomik79
    you have to be a student to have access to those i think...
  5. by   Tuquies
    To answer your question, Finals are always gonna be on Saturdays,and our clinical for this class was as well, b/c we just don't have time to take out of our already compacted class or lab time. And I have leture or 'theory' on Mon & Wed and Lab on tue and thrus, so that leaves me in class 16 hours a week. Supposedly for every our spent in class you will need to study for 3, so minimally you will find your slef studying 48 hrs a week (minimum, thats if you are a fast learner and already are really good at your anotomy and physiology), that is not including group projects, or papers that have to be written.
    We are not trying to scare you, just do what all the other helpful NU nursing students did for us which is inform you of what you are REALLY up against, the school tells you, but there is nothing like hearing it form yur peers.

    :smilecoffeeIlovecof Okay I need to let you all who are going to be students know...yesterday was our quiz on the 2nd part of the class. it was 10 questions, well the class average? 5. That is the AVERAGE, that means not everyone even got a 5, some were in the '4 club' and I even heard some 3's. Remember guys, to get into this program is have to be an A or an A-B student. So we are NOT slackcers, I know a girl who studied..hard, and still came out with a 3. NO ONE got a 10. Think about this.
    4 people have already left this cohort (we are only 3 weeks in) and it seems like more than that will not pass this class to go on to Pharm. (you must have a 73% to pass a class in nursing school) anything lower is considered a "fail"
  6. by   gnomik79
    :yeahthat: What Tuquies said! I guess I was lucky to get a 7/10 on that bloody quiz#2. I was up till 4 AM the night before...:wtosts::smilecoffeeIlovecof
  7. by   Bubbles2610
    Tuquies : What type of questions were on your quiz? It's kind of shocking that the class didnt do that well...
  8. by   gnomik79
    Quote from Bubbles2610
    Tuquies : What type of questions were on your quiz? It's kind of shocking that the class didnt do that well...
    Actually, it's not that shocking at all, if you think about the fact that it's pretty much humanly impossible to squeeze in 30 chapters into your heard in just 4 weeks, and then easily recalling everything you rea. Chapter 23 (Neurologic Function) alone was complicated enough! And once again, there are no study guides - so you study it all!
  9. by   Bubbles2610
    That's true... How were the questions setup?
  10. by   Tuquies
    According to N-Clex standards. You have to know the content, be able to use critical thinking skills to think the answer through (often times there are MORE than one right answer), and then choose the most appropriate answer that they want. And like Diana said, it is absolutley NO surprise. we covered 'all' the content that we were going to be quizzed on, 304 pages to be exact, in TWO classes, and then had 4 days to study and bam...quiz, now add 155 more pages ON TOP OF THAT and 5 days..and you have our final.
  11. by   Shady602
    Good for you!! How do you study? Just reading the book and processing it through? Any study advice?

    Quote from gnomik79
    :yeahthat: What Tuquies said! I guess I was lucky to get a 7/10 on that bloody quiz#2. I was up till 4 AM the night before...:wtosts::smilecoffeeIlovecof
  12. by   gnomik79
    My best advice is: find a good study group, with responsible people. This is what we did: we all met each other on BEFORE we even saw and met in person. Try to find the students that will enter the cohort with you, and get to know them: their life situations, study habits, how serious they are about the program and their priorities. This will give you an idea of whether you would be compatible study buddies. Once you have that, then you all need to figure out the best way to split up the workload and find a good note taking strategy. If you put your head together, you will find a way to make it work. Because you will realize fast that your classmates will be the best support system you will have for the next 2 years - for only they truly know what you are going thru. It's kinda like when you're at war, the only people you can count on- are the soldiers around you - they become your family. Or like a cop can only count on his partner to save his life when they are on duty.... get my drift?
  13. by   gnomik79
    Also, if you can, I would strongly recommend taking a Medical Terminology class in preparation for this program. It will save you so much time in studying, and will make learning everything easier. In my opinion, it should be a pre-requisite for this program. I wish I had taken it....