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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   danni314
    no joke....that paper/ the topic of cost should be AT LEAST 15 minutes of our $1400 orientation.
  2. by   prettyinpink57
    Would you ladies be so kind as to forward that e-mail to me too? Thank you!
  3. by   h0n3ybee
    hello all,
    as I read all your posts... i would like to remind you all that not to stress that much especially before the class starts. here is some advice about your current issues of discussion:

    financial aid: the money one gets from financial aid varies from person to person. for some people you have enough to scrape by. for some you need to take private loans to cover classes, books, rent. the nursing fees are what screw nursing students because they charge a nursing fee for theory and clinicals. if you think you need private loans you have to apply on your own so do it early.

    PDA: not a stressor... in my cohort and personally.. i think i used the PDA once.. and know some students who just used it to play games. when you are at clinicals the pda is useless. if you don't the theory looking it up on your pda will not help. some clinical instructors will expect you to know your stuff and be prepared and if you have to look it up on a PDA get ready to get yelled at. Safe nursing means being able to critically think. So for those who don't have a PDA don't worry it may be a good thing. you also have access to resources at the hospital(computer and books on the floor).

    online classes: some are hard(nursing research). community health does have clinicals but you only do 96 hours over three months and most of the hours are covered by the community health project. so nothing to worry about.

    as a graduating student, i suggest to take the program one class at a time. you will see that the national program changes and one must be flexible. you may be told you have clinicals from 7:00 am to 3:00pm then when your class starts they tell you that you have 12 hours shifts from 10-10. or they say you have clinicals monday and wednesday and then change the days. clinical hours depend on the hospital and when they want to fit you in so don't be surprised if things change... I suggest for your last four weeks enjoy your life... spend time with kids, spouse, family, even take a mini vacation.. because once you start its hard to have spare time. remember nu does not have a traditional summer and winter break you get one week for summer, two weeks for winter, and one week for spring. so enjoy the month you have.
  4. by   gnomik79
    honeybee, thank you so much for your input!
  5. by   h0n3ybee
    gnomik 79,
    i think you will do great at NU. you seem on top of things. good luck.
  6. by   danni314
    thanks for all that info!!
  7. by   CarolLVN
    I got email today for the dates that the TEAS is offered, they also said for LVN/RN starts May 2010 .. anyone know anything about the LVN-BSN
  8. by   prettyinpink57
    honeybee, thank you thank you thank you!!!
  9. by   danni314
    anyone up for carpooling to get our books and bags from NU in RB??? I am available monday and tuesday.
  10. by   gnomik79
    I'm gonna go this Friday, after my dental appt... They said that we will pick up our uniforms the first day of class though...
  11. by   danni314
    oh ok. anyone try and find comfy white shoes yet?
  12. by   gnomik79
    Quote from danni314
    oh ok. anyone try and find comfy white shoes yet?
    I went to the Outlet stores... in Chula Vista... to look for some shoes. And I found a very comfortable, super lite, all white Nike shoes... for $40!!!!... or maybe it was $45... don't remember.... but either way: it's a great deal! Now, I also want to buy some clogs or croks, or whatever they call them... for warmer days... Don't know where I can get a good deal on a good pair... Any suggestions, anyone?
  13. by   prettyinpink57
    Hey ladies! So I stopped by national today on my way home and got the blue bag and ATI books! The bag has sooo much stuff in it and is a little intimidating but so exciting! Diana, if you find a place to get some good crocks let me know, I am also interested in them!