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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   happymommy3
    Quote from ExPharmaGirl
    4.5 hours a night plus 45 mins in my car at lunch
    This month is a little more calm in terms of my schedule, but the books seem to be getting bigger every month...
    Ah yes, sleeping in my car on my lunch break. That just brought back some memories of a semester I had last year. Too many classes, and not enough time. I guess we just need to adjust to being sleep deprived for the next two years. But it will all be worth it when we're finally nurses!
  2. by   vjmt_4
    Hi, thanks to Expharmagirl giving me this link! I found all the answers to my questions! it took a while to read but I got the link for cc transfer classes for my prereqs were listed and I am so happy to find out that all my classes transfer! I am assuming NU does not transfer actual nursing classes so i didn't bother but feel free to let me know if you think they do! I was well into my second semester ASN program when I have to drop due to health reasons (cc don't let you go on to clinicals when you are sick) and you can only miss one day of clinicals if not at all!

    How do I go about this process? I just applied online to the university, does that mean I should be able to register for the BioStat class already or should I wait to see a counselor? I am going to the LA campus by the way but this link has all the info I need so please don't mind me crashing!:0
  3. by   Bubbles2610

    Did you buy all of the 5 books for Heath Assessment or just the required books? I kind of don't want to waste money on any books or guides that we won't use...
    I you could let me know as soon as you get a change so I can get my books ordered!

  4. by   moonshadow815
    Wow 5 books! Im curious to know as well if people are buying all the suggested books. I have orientation for the LA campus next week, Im pretty excited!
  5. by   jonahsmom
    Hi!!! I am enrolled in cohort 25...kept having to defer it..I was originally supposed to start last April, but life got in the way. Now divorced and single mom...thought I'd get financial aid but not for 2nd bachelors. Darn...taking out a loan (of course). Pay it back later. Just now starting to get excited and haven't had time to do that, so reading all of these posts makes it real. I know it's going to be tough, but anything worth acheiving is seldom easy. Sounds like the orientation has a lot of info. I am almost done with my packet. Just need background check and updated shots. Need the Pertussis shot.
    Just really scared (like everyone else) of the classes and time restraint. I know it's going to be hard. I know there will be times when I want to quit; but since we are all in it together; I am looking forward to meeting cool people and perhaps forming life-long friends. I hope I can juggle nursing school and single-momhood. I think it can, I think I can....
  6. by   Bubbles2610

    YOU CAN! Stay strong and believe in yourself!

  7. by   ExPharmaGirl
    Quote from Bubbles2610

    Did you buy all of the 5 books for Heath Assessment or just the required books? I kind of don't want to waste money on any books or guides that we won't use...
    I you could let me know as soon as you get a change so I can get my books ordered!

    I think there are a total of 7. There are 2 more on the syllabus that are optional. I bought them all but didn't use them all. The Nursing Diagnosis is particularly helpful for all of the classes (except the first one). Not sure about the others though. If you have a PDA and are able to download the app they give you access to after orientation, you have the med dictionary and lab values covered at your fingertips. The careplanning book may be helpful down the road.

    Sorry for the late response. Pharmacology is kicking my butt and I have been in the pharma industry for 10 years! Just so much work...
  8. by   jonahsmom
    Hi everyone!!

    I just wanted to state to those at National University or those thinking of attending....I have many friends that are nurses. One of them said just to get through the nursing program and don't think everything you learn is going to be useful. She said, "you learn everything when you start learn on the job..and nothing can prepare you for that." She said to just get through it. Also, If you check out the staff at National, I would say all of their resumes are impressive. The experience from the professors who are nurses is valuable to us students. That's how I judge a school. I look at the teachers and their acheivements and the schools they went to. I only hear good stuff about National.
  9. by   swede_girl726
    Hello! I am currently working on my pre-reqs at NU and one of my classmates met one of the nursing program professors. He told her that unless she had all A's in her science classes she wasn't even in the running for getting into the program and shouldn't bother applying until she'd retaken any classes she hadn't gotten an A in. I know its competitive but that seems a little much, is this accurate? Did anyone who got accepted have less than an A in any of your sciences? I appreciate any info you can give me!
  10. by   ExPharmaGirl
    I had all 'a's . The competitiveness depends on the particular cohort you are applying to. Mine was extremely competitive. All of us had really high GPAs and pretty good teas scores. I know there are past cohorts that had lower total point cutoffs and also higher total point cutoffs. Depends on the 200 or so people you apply with.
  11. by   prettyinpink57
    hello future nurses!

    i am in cohort 18, in the home stretch of my degree, just over 5 more months left!!!! i just wanted to give some advice on books for the nursing program. as for the book lists, i recommend just buying the main text that is required... don't waste your time on the recommended text.

    there are 2 books that i feel are a must for the program. they are:

    saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn examination
    isbn: [color=#0000cc]9781416037088
    **this book is great to take with you during the program. it summarizes everything from med-surg, ob, peds, psych, drug calculations, meds, skills review, basically everything you need for the nclex in a nutshell. every section has practice questions and this book has helped me so much through the program, it is like my bible. :d

    nursing diagnosis handbook: an evidence-based guide to planning care
    isbn: [color=#0000cc]9780323048262
    **this book was my bible for the 10,000 care plans you have to do throughout the program. makes care planning a breeze!!

    hope this helps, i am going to start studying for the nclex and i'll be using my saunder's book... taking it in march and it will be here before i know it!
  12. by   CAli2384
    Swede_girl726- I also had all A's, and I was given the same info as you when I started taking pre-reqs. I'd say it's an accurate statement based on my knowledge. If you have any low B's or C's- definitely don't waste your time. ExPharmagirl has a good point that it depends on the cohort. If you apply in an August cohort, you're competing with a lot of people who finished classes in May, so I think those have more applicants and are therefore likely to have a higher cut-off. I applied for the Feb deadline (Cohort 24) and it was still very competitive, but I'm guessing the "off-season" deadlines might be a better bet if you have anything lower than an A. Just a thought.

    PrettyinPink57- Thank you so much for the info you provided, and best of luck on the NCLEX in March!!
  13. by   Murse520
    Hello Swede_girl726,

    I think people are forgetting that the prereqs are 30% of your point total to get in. You should strive to get A's and or B's. I did not have A's in any of my prereqs, I even had C's. It all depends on the competition of your cohort, and it also depends on if you retook a class, your TEAS grade and your Essay grade. If you feel you have poor grades, then strive to do your best on the essay and Teas. I got in with no A's, good essay grade and good teas grade. Then again I was an alternate, but still, for someone to say to "not waste your time" is not a good motivator to some of these people, especially knowing how hard it is to get into a nursing program. Do your best, if you lack in one area, try and make up for it in the others. Gl with your pre-reqs!