National University Pre-Reqs

  1. Hey everyone I am here in Cali and finally starting at National University next month. I got tired of the CC system and am going to bite the bullet and take out loans. Anyways, has anyone taken their pre-reqs at national? I have taken some at CC but need to finish up before applying for the program. I was mostly wondering about their science courses and biomed stats class. How were they? Manageable or overwhelming? Please help me out with any info you have. Thank You!
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  3. by   ReordonaSRN
    I didn't take any pre-req's at National but I graduated from their Nursing Program. My classmates who took their Pre-req's there said that they were not any harder than community college but they were fast paced.
  4. by   NursKam
    Thank You! Congratulations on graduating and becoming an RN!