Moving To Santa Clarita, Need Help

  1. hi fellow RN's,

    I'm a tele nurse from Tampa, Florida and planing to relocate in Santa Clarita. I've only been to LA and San Fernando valley so im not really familiar with the area.

    1) I spoke to a nurse recruiter at Henry Mayo and was informed that 1 year experienced nurse start at $27. Unfortunately, the hospital doesn't pay for skills and no weekend differential. Is that a good rate in the area?

    2) Online search shows expensive housing. Is there any single family below 400k? What are the areas to live that is closer to the hospital?

    3) What is the staffing ratio in telemetry or ICU floors?

    thanks you guys, Please let me know if u have questions about Tampa/St. Pete areas.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The city of Santa Clarita consists of several districts, including Valencia, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, and Castaic. You are not going to find a house for under $400,000. In fact, Californians consider $400,000 a good deal, as most of the decent homes cost over $600,000.

    My favorite districts are Valencia (due to the nearby shopping) and Castaic (peaceful, less congested). Most of the nurses I know who live in Santa Clarita actually commute to the San Fernando Valley, which is only ten miles south on Interstate 5. San Fernando Valley hospitals tend to pay RNs higher than $27 hourly. I hope this helps.

    The weather is very hot and dry in the summer (over 100 degrees) and chilly during the winter.
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  4. by   Jessy_RN
    :melody:[font=impact][color=#00bfff] wishing you a smooth transition
  5. by   NessaNurse
    I did my last semester of clinical rotations at Henry MAyo. I t didnt seem too bad. But I've heard thier are some problems thier from nurses at where I currently work in LA. Most of the ICU thier seemed to be 1:1 or 2:1. I've heard thier ER is good, they have a trauma center. I chose to go else where for better new grad training. Valencia, Augas and the more northern parts of Castiac are nice. Canyon COuntry is very congested traffic wise. 400,000 would actually be pretyy cheap for a house out thier. MOst seem to be around 500,000. About 350,00 for a town home or condo.