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  1. Hi...We're currently looking for an assignment in LA. One company just told me that they have one at MLK hospital 35hr/housing/car/travel. I've seen all of the post that say it's a horrible hospital but they are all from 2004. Does anyone have any current infor on this hospital. Did the trauma center close? I know people say its on the "bad side of town" which is relative to the side of town that they grew up on and the population that they are used too. Besides I know where the hospital has to be for them to name it MLK. We are considering taking this assignment (ER and M/S) but just want to know if anyone thinks we would be risking our license....Thanks!
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    I really don't know.
    The trauma center did close.
    The hospital is in a nice building. It is also not far from Long Beach and other nice beach areas.
    Actually I think more people from Mexico and Central America live near there.
    The pay with housing included looks REALLY GOOD.

    I would call the unit you are considering on the shift you are offered on a weekend. Talk with a staff nurse who is likely to give you an honest opinion and facts about conditions there now.

    I work registry but have refused to go there for a few years. It may be fine now.
  4. by   dijaqrn
    I am an LA County RN. MLK has been reorganized and now has only 48 acute care beds. Only low risk OB and general community hospital stuff, non-trauma ER there right now. Critical care units, trauma and high risk OB are now at Harbour-UCLA. They are also managing MLK.The previous staff has been dispersed to other LAC hospitals. They need to pass survey in August or they will lose all medicare funds. If you're up for the rebuilding challenge go there. The neighborhood is really tough, what kind of housing are you being offerred?
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  5. by   nsgshortage
    XXXX Of course the travel company will make it sound so good. That's why they are sweetening up the deal with the rental car.

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  6. by   Daytonite
    MLK, also known as King/Drew Medical Center, was in danger of losing their Medicare certification because they failed their CMS survey. Most of the patient's they treat are Medicare/Medicaid so they are in real danger of having to close their doors if they cannot collect their reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid for treating these patients if they lose their Medicare certification. It is only because of the concern of the other healthcare facilities in the area that they are still open. Administrators and managers from surrounding healthcare facilities have been trying to help do damage control at MLK so they can pass muster with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). If you want a travel assignment in LA, why don't you look at other area hospitals or hospitals in the Orange County area which is still very close to LA?
  7. by   dijaqrn
    The neighborhood around MLK isn't great and I would not walk around there after dark. That said, I did some clinicals there, ate at the local MickeyD's and had coffee at Starbucks without any problems. They are paying big money to clean King up. Working conditions will be excellent and if you have a car and safe housing plus a good salary I'd work there, work my schedule and play in sunny So. Cal the rest of the time. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Pachinko
    Do a search on Drew-King on Google, or, for more specifics, on The hospital has had major problems keeping open, and the medical school has lost accreditation in many areas.

    And be forewarned. Whenever housing prices in LA are really good, watch out! It's probably not a good area to live in.