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  1. Moving To California And Would Like Some Inf0rmation On Who Hiring. Whats The Pay Scale For Southern ,caliornia. Can U Also Give Me Names Of Different Companies So That I Can Contact Them.all Replies Will Be Greatly Appreciated.
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  3. by   Kashia
    I am Calif LVN, have worked northern and southern CA.
    Northern CA typically pays better, consider rural areas too. SOuthern CA...San Diego, where I am now, is one of the lowest paying areas. There are jobs here for $23-25 hr but you have to be very lucky and just be at the right place, right time.
    Staff acute care jobs ie: Sharp Hospitals pay $15-16 hr!!! how do you live on that wage in San Diego??
    I have not checked but think most of the acute care hospitals pay about the same vs where I worked up north I was $22 hr on staff med surg.
    The better money comes from working nurse staff agencies in SD. Start pay avg $21-22 hr BUT te problem is the willingness to go to anyplace they send you.
    I am presently signed up with four agencies...that was my attempt to find a good agency that respected and supported their nurses. and offered assignments at places I would care to work. The most recent place is in home care, I am trying private dutys etc for awhile to see how I like that.
    The rationale I have been given for the low wage offered by hospitals here is " " With the military, there is an open door of nurses all the time ( military wifes etc) " - so RN's are making less as well.
    I think OC and LA pay a little better.
    I use and for email notice on jobs here in SD, but indeed you can set parameters to receive notices from anywhere
    One last thought...prisons are big business here in CA, privatizing and nurses make better money correctional systems if you do not have an ethical conflict towards the system, which I do, you can make money.
    Best to you
  4. by   toeleah
    How Much Does Lvn Make In The Los Angeles Area. I Guess Thats Not Considered Southern California.
  5. by   Gomer
    Yes, Los Angeles is considered southern CA. Last I heard, LVN's make between $18-24/hr depending on experience and where they work. Hospitals pay the most, doctor's offices and extended care facilities the least. And, some hospitals no longer hire LVN's and are concentrating on all RN staff or RN/PCA staff.
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    I work in Riverside/San Bernardino County. I'm sort of on a weird "salary system" (state job). It works out to like 20.50/hr

    Previously, I made 18.25/hr

    I went to OC to look for a job prevoiusly and they offered me 17.50/hr at a locked psych unit with VERY violent patients. (They musta been patients themselves to offer that)!

    LA does pay more, but the traffic is insane and not worth the drive.
  7. by   okikuma
    This information was printed on a different post:

    I just checked the UCLA Medical Center Job listing and the LVN pay scale (the only one I can find that will list pay up front) is as follows:

    LVN 6 East Surgery (Med Surg)
    $14.75 to start
    $19.84 maximum

    Sr LVN 6 East Surgery (Med Surg)
    15.50 to start
    $21.61 maximum

    LVN Orthopedic Surgery Center (a clinic I believe)
    $16.76 to start
    $23.37 maximum

    LVN Float Team Part time Per Diem (no medical benefits)
    $20.91 to start
    $22.66 maximum

    A friend of mine works there as an LVN and she told me that she really works hard for her pay. She's on a Med Surg floor. She says that she's teamed up with an RN but the LVNs do most of the work, whereas most but not all of the RNs she works with will just chart and hang IV meds. She also told me that only 3 units (out of 14 units and 4 ICUs I think she said) use LVNs within the hospital, while the rest have Care Partners (CNAs).

    I have another friend who works in a SNF and she makes $23.00 and hour but gives meds to 45 patients.

    The pay seams high, but as they tell me, they do earn their salary and often times feel it's not enough for all the work they do.
  8. by   wooosp
    Actually...In the Los Angeles area LVN's make more working for in LTC/SNF than a hospital. Hospitals pay $15-22/hr depending on experience, and $20-$26 in a LTC/SNF facility.

    I'm a LVN, and as a new grad, I started at $20/hr at a SNF, compared to the $15-17/hr I would've gotten working for a hospital. There are hospitals that are hiring LVN's, but the big set back, for me at least, is the pay. I'm planning to get my RN soon, I think I'll wait til them to get a job in a hospital.

    Best wishes to you. Hope you have a smooth transition to Cali.
  9. by   pink2blue1
    Quote from toeleah
    Moving To California And Would Like Some Inf0rmation On Who Hiring. Whats The Pay Scale For Southern ,caliornia. Can U Also Give Me Names Of Different Companies So That I Can Contact Them.all Replies Will Be Greatly Appreciated.

    I am a BRAND NEW grad and I am starting work in Ventura County at an acute care hospital. They are starting me at $18.75 an hour. I have worked at this hospital for 4+ years as a CNA and I am transitioning from CNA to LVN on the same floor. There are currently NOT alot of LVN positions available at this hospital.

    Good luck!