L/D Training Programs??

  1. Hi all. Does anyone out there know of any excellent Labor & Delivery training programs that they recommend OR have personally experienced themselves??? Curious, thanks!!!
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  3. by   nurse79
    btw ..this is for the southern CA areas?? thanks!!
  4. by   kirsnikity
    Off the top of my head (since I'm going by our recent nurse recruitment fair): Pomona Valley in Pomona has a formal training program; I think Loma Linda in Redlands has one too.
  5. by   Merced
    I don't know if it's still the case, but 20 years ago, L.A.County/USC Women's Hospital had a program which was excellent, IMHO, mainly because of their high number of obstetric patients.

    The population would present with wide varieties of conditions, enabling you to become skilled while training.

    Since there's no place like L&D for having things go horribly bad real fast, you really need the high volume with experienced practitioners.

    L&D is a very special place to work, as I'm sure you already know.