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hey i just moved to california from connecticut. i met with kaplan college about their lvn program and i just ned some feedback about your experience as a student or grad. i really need this help... Read More

  1. by   equsmom
    So, Are you planning on Kaplan Vista? This is what I have come to learn. I have been to the community college and have all my pre req's done with a 3.8. The wait there and every other community college is about three years or you might be lucky if their school is on the random GPA list. My school takes 36 per year and they have about 300 applicants. I have checked with West Coast Univ. $126.000. Guaranteed a seat. BSN RN. National Universithy RN 86,000 (CA) 2000 applicants 200 seats per year and a point system. Kaplan San DIego 50,000 and now they are competitive using degrees and medical experience as the guidelines. I am a more seasoned student( past 40+) Kaplan Vista 31,000 . You will have about 21,000 in guaranteed student loans and will have a gap of about $10,000. My plan is take that LVN, go though the college network if you don't have your req's and pick up my Rn BSN through Indiana State. The only on line rn program approved in California (in partners with Sonoma State. Even as a military spouse, you can finish this up anywhere, even with kidlings. Always make sure that the info you are getting is correct. This is your career and life. Pick up the phone and ask. Go on line to Indiana State Univeristy Distance Nursing, it is for reali. After 18 months of visiting every situation. FOR ME, Kaplan lvn will work. I am starting Oct in Vista and could not be more excited. PS West Coast University offers a lvn program, 13 months, $70,000. You will be working long before those student loans are due. Do the math!
  2. by   damagedsiren
    i am starting Kaplan in Vista as well in October, the loans are scary but in the end i know it will all pay off. Hey we will probably be running into each other then. i to am older so i'm nervous since i know most students will be younger.
  3. by   equsmom
    Quote from damagedsiren
    i took my hesi the day i went in and passed. i'm hoping to start in october but it depends on a few other things, i was accepted but i can't afford it.
    Hey Damaged Siren,
    Glad to know there is someone else out there like me I will be driving up from Temecula. Where are you? I doubt that we will be the oldest broads in the class, just remember, 50 is the new 40.
  4. by   equsmom
    Quote from liberty_bell
    Hi guys! Can you make room for one more?
    I too and hoping to start the LVN program this October. I passed the 12 minute test and am going in for the Hesi soon. When do you guys plan to start? I'm a little freaked out, but a year goes by SO fast...I can't wait on a list for 2 years...pllleazzeee...
    LibertyBell, will you be going to Kaplan Vista in October? I am very exited!!:heartbeat
  5. by   damagedsiren
    yeah i can't wait.
    I actually live in Carlsbad right now...so not too bad of a drive and if anyone wants a study buddy count me in. i'm sure i will need one.
  6. by   equsmom
    You have a great drive. I will be coming up from Temecula. Takes me about 40 minutes. I am sure we will all need a study buddy. Ill look forward to meeting up with you!
  7. by   damagedsiren
    i guess i will be seeing you this friday for orientation....so excited and nervous at the same time.
  8. by   equsmom
    I am excited too! I am thinking that one orientation is for Kaplan in general and the other is for the nurisng portion. Looking forward to meeting you, Tammy
  9. by   damagedsiren
    I'm Lauren i have burgundish hair....if you see me come say hi otherwise i will look for you. It's so close i can't wait.
  10. by   equsmom
    Hi Lauren,
    I have dark brown hair and my daughter says my haircut looks like the Johhny Depp character in Charlie and the Chocolate factory( Just a bob). I don't think it was a compliment. I will look for you. I am very excited too and this feels like a long time coming!!
    See You tomorrow! Tammy
  11. by   damagedsiren
    I got there so early so i asked a couple people, but i think you walked past me after orientation...i was gonna say something and ask you hey are you.....but i wasn't sure.
  12. by   equsmom
    I looked for you too! I was towards the front on the right hand side. We'll have to make a better effort next week. What did you think? I thought it was very informative.
  13. by   damagedsiren
    Yeah i was in the middle third row alll the way to the left. Yeah it was i'm ready for school now i just need my last approval still so i'm keeping my fingers crosssed.