Kaiser versus the 'Others'

  1. Are there any Kaiser RNs out there (current or former) who either really like it or really hate it? What are they like as an employer?

    What is the care like there? I have heard horror stories, and have heard wonderful things as well, although more bad than good. They are the best pay and benefits in the area, but is there a cost?

    What do you as employees of Kaiser feel your personal healthcare is like? Do you feel like your patients are getting the appropriate care from the Kaiser system? Do you feel like YOU are getting appropriate care from the Kaiser system?

    There is a joke running around the Kaiser is the KMart of healthcare. They seem to run below national average as far as meeting their core measures for cardiac, pneumonia, CHF, etc. Yet other sites will rank them as good as any other (Sutter, CHW) as far as patient satisfaction.

    Please feel free to discuss the pros and cons of Kaiser from your viewpoint!

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  3. by   Fiesta Red
  4. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I know that the Kaiders in S. Cali are rough places to work and in places like Sacramento, staff positions pay well and are desirable.
  5. by   sweetface
    My sister was an Opthamology Tech in Sacramento and really liked it despite her crazy manager. Her friends who were RN's really loved their job but Kaiser is notorious for poor management.
  6. by   cuddlebug
    It's very very hard to get into Kaiser to begin with. They "lost" my application 2x's after confirming it made it's destination by fax. From what I heard some Kaiser's are really bad and others are really good. A friend of mine works at Kaiser V but he's not too happy there right now..due to management drama
  7. by   ethelbsnrn
    I have applications for Kaiser Roseville. I didn't know they do 8-hr shift and not 12-hr in ICU/CCU. I also have hesitations....would somebody advise me re: Kaiser Roseville?

  8. by   cuddlebug
    I felt the same way, a hessitation. My advice is to trust your gut instict. Have you worked in ICU before? Have you ever spent time in a ICU at Kaiser? Kaiser ICU is different than other hospitals. Doesn't Kaiser have applications online?
  9. by   ethelbsnrn

    Thanks for the advice. How is Kaiser ICU different from other ICU's? I sent on-line applications already. Got an e-mail from the nurse manager that I am welcome to visit them, was told they do 8-hr shifts. I work ICU/CCU/CVICU in TExas for the past 6 years already.

  10. by   Sheri257
    Kaiser is such a big organization, I don't see how you can generalize about an entire region or, even, one hospital for that matter. I haven't worked for Kaiser but, from what I've heard, it's like any other hospital.

    Some units/floors are better than others. Like anywhere else ... a lot of it depends on the manager and who's working on that particular unit/floor. Most of the people I know who work for Kaiser are generally happy though, at least in my area.

  11. by   featherzRN
    I work at kaiser in socal and love it there. It's hard to leave once you get in, as the pay is excellent. Of course, I am sure there are bad units and good ones, as in ANY hospital/HMO.
  12. by   bubba04
    I have worked for kaiser in the lab for 10 years and love it. the benefits are great!!! I just got a job in the LD department and the staff is great as well. i have nothing but great things to say about kaiser.

    they have a lot of new grad programs for new nurses that are all year round.

    good luck
  13. by   ArielleLVN
    Do you know if Kaiser have openings for new LVNs?
  14. by   Fiesta Red
    There have been some excellent replies thus far. Thank you so much.

    I would like to hear your experiences as a patient of Kaiser. Are you happy with your medical care, your doctor, your access to care, etc?

    Also, do you feel like Kaiser is concerned for their patients. Do you feel you, yourself are able to give quality care within the system? Do you feel as though your patients are getting appropriate care and access to what they need?