Is Compton College safe?

  1. I just finished Physiology and I was planning on taking Anatomy in the Summer. Unfortunately, the school I'm attending had a bit of a run in with budget cuts (Thanks ARNOLD!). Pretty much all of L.A.C.C.D. closed down for summer session. The 2 schools I'm choosing between now is Glendale Community College (50 minutes away) and El Camino Compton College (15 minutes away).
    All other schools teach A&P or are full. Believe me I tried, it's not easy getting into a summer class, everyone registers REALLY FAST. Fortunately, no one wants to go to these two schools. Compton college still has 50 Available spots. It's just I heard really bad things about compton college.

    Do you think I should goto GCC or CC?
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  3. by   aaahhsuga
    Is this a trick question? It's Compton. You betta ask somebody!

  4. by   vlove
    lol at teh above post. just for security purposes, go to gcc! i might be attending gcc in the summer as well it's about half an hour away from me but the drive isnt so bad.
  5. by   victa88
    Well this seems to be the generalization when people hear about Compton. Yes, there are some very bad parts that have gang activity but isnt like this all the time and throughout the whole city. I went to Compton because I needed to take anatomy and physiology as well. Iam a white boy from Huntington Beach never once was I in fear of my life. They did have trouble with people around campus at night but it is a small campus and there is tons of police. During the day it is just like any other campus. There are some very good teachers there. I would highly recommend Dr. Aasi for anatomy 32 and he also teaches physiology 31. He is the best teacher I have ever had and I have been to UCLA and Cal state Fullerton. The campus isnt up to par with most but thats what happens when you have a city of high crime and low high school grads. But do not worry about being in fear of your life the people are there to learn and ultimatley make someting of themeselves.
  6. by   tothepointeLVN
    Compton College is now part of El Camino so the academics are the same. The college is right by the 91 freeway close to carson and dominguez hills. I personally would go there if it got me what I wanted.
  7. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    I don't know... I used to work ambulances in Compton and quite frankly, it'd be worth the 50 minute drive to me. But then, I've seen the worst of that area.
  8. by   Arrghh_Nnnn
    You'll be fine. Go to the BRN and see which one of the schools your are considering has a better NCLEX passage rate; That is how I would decide. Have you thought about Harbor?
  9. by   virgo star
    Lol at all the people who fear that the moment they step inside the city borders of Compton that they will be shot, robbed or assaulted in some way. Its hilarious in a sad way.
  10. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    Quote from virgo star
    Lol at all the people who fear that the moment they step inside the city borders of Compton that they will be shot, robbed or assaulted in some way. Its hilarious in a sad way.
    I understand where you're coming from. Compton (and surrounding areas) aren't as rough as out-of-towners think, but I know they are rougher than the locals usually realize.

    Just because someone who lives in or frequents Compton hasn't had any experiences with crime doesn't mean it's not relatively unsafe. Those things (shootings, assaults, robberies) are happening there, and at relatively HIGH rates. They're just happening to "other people". There's a large population, so that even in areas that plagued with crime MOST people don't experience it.

    Doesn't mean driving a little further to go to school in Glendale d/t concerns about safety is any less valid.
  11. by   joha421
    I currently attend compton college, it wasn't my first choice but it's also 15 min away from me. The classes there are great! most classes don't have more than 25-35 students! I'll also be taking anatomy in the fall.
  12. by   Quienes

    i'm taking a classes at compton and el camino. the day classes at compton are fine, i figure if someone is on campus at 8:00am their interest is in school, not causing trouble.

    what i will say is, i have been disappointed at the overall commitment of the students in class. my class has lost almost 50% and one girl showed up last week after missing 5 of the last 6 weeks, then asked if she could just copy my work. that's not to say there aren't some serious students i just don't think the campus/staff/student-body are as inspired or supported as those at smcc or even el camino.

    also, i heard the a&p at compton is really easy. someone told me the prof. basically reviews test questions before passing out the exam, yikes!
  13. by   vjmt_4
    Stay away from Compton. It does not matter whether they have no waiting list on their nursing program. There is a reason why there isn't a wait. You might get in but you might not get out of the program. The teachers are so unprofessional and they don't teach you anything! Check their NCLEX passing rates, and if 66% does not bother you, then go ahead waste your time in this school.
  14. by   tothepointeLVN
    Compton College has been taken over by El Camino College in fact some time ago. They now have the same circulum and faculty.

    El Camino's passing rate is 92% and the El Camino Compton Centers is 72%. I would expect it to continuing to increase over the years

    Incidentally my LVN school have a 72% passing rate and we all got out fine.