HOW BAD is Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno?

  1. Anyone worked at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno!!!! Tonnes of great pay. Why? They are a level 2 trauma, but is it really THAT BAD in the ER? H E L P !:spin:
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  3. by   Jokerhill
    Google fresno crame rates. That is what is outside the door there in the parking lot. Saddly were not any better here a bit north of fresno.
  4. by   m_chatelaine
    What do you mean "outside the door there>>>"?
  5. by   Jokerhill
    They drive up toss out their friend who is shot, stabbed, or beaten to a pulp at the door of the ED. and drive off. You just hope they are not being followed by who did it in the first place and wants to finish their job. It may only happen 3-4 times a year and it is no worse ot better where I work. But I know it and take the risk knowingly. One time I went out to the parking lot to check on a person and he was already stiff as a board, but they left him in the car parked in a space and did not let anyone know he was there, He may have been better off tossed at our door. Once they brought members of both gangs to us and that did not work out well either. It is useually handled low key and most of the people/staff there don't know what happened at all or they see it in the news. It is not that bad and you most likely will never see any of it, It is no war zone. But it is there and there have been shootings and assaults in the parking lot in the past. These type of things are not random acts and they happen everywhere but the rate is higher there, just be smart and know what you are getting into. Agin Google fresno crime rates and see what it says.
  6. by   suzanne4
    The area around that facility is known for an extremely high crime rate, that is what we have been trying to tell you. It is in the southern part of the city, and a world away from the northern areas.
  7. by   nursekatie22
    I was fortunate enough to have my last clinical rotation there and I loved it. Sure, you hear scarey stories, but my roomie's been a nurse in their ER for almost two years now and loves it there. It's a great teaching hospital and everyone I worked with (expecially in the ICU) was very helpful.
  8. by   NTPinky
    I know this thread is a bit dated but I have an interview there on Thursday! Is anyone working there now? How much is the starting pay for a new grad?
  9. by   tahliasmommie
    Not a nurse yet, only starting y first year in nursing school at Fresno state and I have my heart set on working there. My main reason for wanting to work there ( I have tlived in Fresno all my life), is that I want the best experience possible. We can all perish at any moment, fear should not keep us from doing the things that might enrich us the most. Just to let you know, I am also under the impression that Kaiser is the highest paying hospital in Fresno and it is located in North Fresno. Also, Clovis community (part of the Community Hospital system) is loacted just outside of Fresno, and it is a well known fact that the staff loves it there. but, if it is excitment that you want, then downtown is the place to be. Come out here, become a part of the community and help us make downtown a place to be! I also have an understanding that there is a charter school in downtown Fresno that is meant to serve the doctors and nurses (hospital staff) children.

    I am a fear oriented person to some extent. i would walk around downtown in the day, but not neccessarily at night unless really well lit. there are worse areas of Fresno. Gang activity is ore concentrated in the west side and the victims are dropped off in downtown. Of course, I have a major interest in working with victims of violent crime. Enough said! Good luck!!!