Hoag new grad pay?

  1. Does anybody happen to know what the new grad pay at Hoag and surrounding hospitals is? I am not familiar with how much they make in this area. Thanks
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  3. by   Maikafer-RN
    I don't work at Hoag sorry but I do work at Fountain Valley Regional which is a few miles north of Hoag.
    At FV new grads with a BSN start at 27.95. I think ADNs earn 5% less.
    There is a $4 shift differential.
  4. by   hatingthewaiting
    Are they hiring new grads?
  5. by   Manang Biday
    There was a lisiting for a new grad program in Hoag, in which I applied for weeks ago.
    I just checked my application status online and it says cancelled. IDK if it was the program itself or my application that was cancelled
  6. by   hatingthewaiting
    Yeah same here. I emailed the recruiter and I couldn't really tell from what she wrote if the position was cancelled or my application. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  7. by   cslxagRN
    I also applied for Hoag's new grad program this June, and my application was cancelled as well. I emailed the nurse recruiter, but haven't heard from her yet.
  8. by   50caliber
    How ironic. Same here. I went to the new grad open house and it sounded like they were hiring in many departments. Hopefully i will hear back from the recruiter regarding this. Perhaps the positions have already been filled.

    This is getting real frustrating. I don't know how else to play this game. I did everything humanly possible to get my resumes to the directors and HR and expressing my interests in their programs and hospital.
  9. by   hatingthewaiting
    any word yet on what's going on?
  10. by   cslxagRN
    I received an email from Dayna Spivey. In the email, she said that she opened one new grad position, but she got 503 applications. Hence she just cancelled it.
  11. by   hatingthewaiting
    From what I've heard about the market in CA right now, if everyone who got hundreds of applications didn't hire anyone, we're all gonna be out of work for years to come. Ugh! I was actually hoping that I just wasn't selected, at least then, there'd be a few less people out there competing against me for the limited jobs available. this is really starting to get depressing