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I've been on the Grossmont waiting list for a year and a half now. Estimated start date is fall of 2007...anyone else?? I mainly see posts from people in programs or people still taking pre req's.... Read More

  1. by   alewis2203
    Post on here if you find anything out ;-) I'm hoping we get selected from the waitlist as well! I'm sooo tired of waiting!! I didn't apply until the very end of May so you will probably find out something before I do!
  2. by   Faeriewand
    Can anyone here post and tell me about this new point system Grossmont has? It seems like they try to make it harder and harder to get into school nowadays! Thank goodness I'm already in school! Thanks for any replies.
  3. by   alewis2203
    The new critiera is based on a 100 point system. You get points for GPA, TEAS, work experience etc..
  4. by   alewis2203
    Paul, have you heard anything about the waitlist? This waiting game is awful!!
  5. by   seawater
    No nothing substantial at all... I did get a call from them last week though to tell me I needed to take TEAS by the end of March. Have you learned anything?

  6. by   alewis2203
    No, nothing.. All she really said was to reapply and I could get in faster that way, which is hard to believe.. No idea what's going on!
  7. by   craziechiq
    I applied at the end of January 07 and still no email. I'm at City instead. The wait for Grossmont is pretty ridiculous. Something is always up there.
  8. by   rockenmomRN
    Wow you guys, I joined this thread a long time ago. While its been a a while since I graduated I can't believe how long people are waiting to get into grossmont. I went there and trust me its not all that. You just need to get your degree it doesn't matter from where. Then again waiting may be a good idea right now anyhow since there are no new grad jos out there at the present.
  9. by   Melindy06
    Hey guys! I am actually finishing up my first semester of nursing at Grossmont after 3 years of waiting. I feel so bad for those of you that have struggled through this long period of waiting only to hear that they're changing the system. Grossmont is very unclear about they're admission system, and I highly disagree with the way they let people linger and never give a clear answer. After all the hard work you put in just to get to this point, they should at least give you an idea of what is going on. Don't get me wrong, Grossmont has a great program, but they're admission system is screwed up and unfair to those that have worked hard and never seem to get a clear answer from them!
  10. by   cyberpnoy
    @Melindy06: I wonder what changes they are going to make. How many students dropped from your class?
  11. by   seawater
    Hi Melindy, thanks for the empathy. I will hit the 3 year mark in 2 days and appreciate your comments and thoughts. As you know it's not easy living in long-term limbo. I think I will get in under the old system, but my gpa is high so hope I would get in under the new system as well.

    This is a real transition time for Grossmont ASN admissions, and I do hope they can improve it during this change. On the other hand I know they owe (especially 2-3 year folks) a lot more than they seem to be offering at this point, as far as information and opportunities goes. I think this may have to change.

    Please continues to relate what you see and hear on campus,

  12. by   alewis2203
    I'm right there with you Paul.. I too have been waiting for exactly 3 years! I haven't heard anything. I think our chances are really high getting in under the old system. Good Luck to you!!
  13. by   Faeriewand
    I just graduated San Diego City College and the students just accepted had all waited three years. Not more nor less. Good luck everyone!