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I've been on the Grossmont waiting list for a year and a half now. Estimated start date is fall of 2007...anyone else?? I mainly see posts from people in programs or people still taking pre req's.... Read More

  1. by   craziechiq
    congrats melindy! finally! i never got a call from them. i quit on grossmont. lol.
  2. by   JenRN2011
    Congrats! I will be in the LVN to RN class starting in two short weeks. I keep trying to read and get ahesd on the Pharmacology but I just can not get into it!

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  3. by   LVN-RNhopeful
    Jennrog - try not to stress too much about Pharm. The online format makes it very easy to go back and review lectures. I took it last spring and it wasn't too bad. Just make sure you at least log into Blackboard and open the lectures and quizzes early in the week - Profs Zozuk and Vanlandingham keep track of when students are logging into Blackboard.

    Melindy and/or CarolLVN - good luck - I hope you get seats. I know for my LVN transition class two alternates, including myself got seats.
  4. by   Melindy06
    Thanks for the congrats everyone!! I actually found out today that I am now OFFICIALLY in the program! Yaaay! I never thought I would see this day!
  5. by   JenRN2011
    Congratulations Melindy06!!

  6. by   alewis2203
    Hi Melindy06,

    I was curious when you put your name on the waiting list.. I'm really happy for you!
  7. by   alewis2203
    Melindy06, I just looked at one of your previous messages and it says you put your name on Jan 07. Was it the beginning or end? Just wanted to see exactly where they were on the waitlist.. Like you, I feel like I'm never going to get that email to start. Good luck to you!
  8. by   Melindy06
    I put my name on the waitlist in the beginning of Jan 07. I turned in my application as soon as grades were posted for micro so I'm pretty sure it was the beginning of the month. It's been a looong 3 years of waiting but it is certainly going to pay off. I just tried to stay positive and I also called the nursing dept a few times to make sure that my name was still on the list! I cant believe school starts next week. I felt like this day would never come!
  9. by   alewis2203
    I'm sooo happy for you! It was exactly 3 years WOW! I put my name on in May07 so hopefully I will be there next semester. We willl see. Definetly a waiting game. Please post when you start, I would love to know how the first day is and first semester! you will do GREAT!
  10. by   alewis2203
    So, I'm sure everyone has now heard about the new critiera for Grossmont College.. In May, I would of been on the wait list for 3 years! What a bummer! So, how do you waitlisters feel?
  11. by   seawater

    I also have been on the waiting list since May 2007. The letter I was sent by Grossmont nursing dated 2-17-2010 the way I read it says that although the wait list is closed it will be buissness as usual for the Fall 10 selections. Meaning that 100 percent of that class will be chosen based on the now closed waiting list.

    The letter from Grossmont also lays out how 25 percent of the next 4 semesters following Fall 10 would also come from the old waiting list. In my opinion both you and I are in pretty good shape all and all... Don't you agree?

    Good Luck

  12. by   alewis2203
    I sure hope so Paul.. I emailed the school and she said that I should reapply and I would still be on the waitlist. She said it could be faster to get in if I reapply. I don't understand that because they said it would be 3 years when I placed my name on the waitlist and in May it will be 3 years for both of us. How many points do you think you would have? I'm so confused with this whole thing! I hope we both get acccepted in the Fall!!
  13. by   seawater
    Hi again,

    I think you and I are pretty close as far as Fall 10 goes. This is a somewhat eduacted guess based on all the info I can get from all sources (for what that's worth).

    About the new point system I don't think the grid on Grossmonts site is specific enough in regards to exact course numbers to be able to predict points right now. I do have more A's than B's so I have some confidence I could make it work out if I had to but hope to get admitted under the old guidelines if I can.

    One thing for sure though is I will try to get a little more reliable information in the next week before I get too excited or worried about the whole thing...

    Best of luck, and hang in there