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I've been on the Grossmont waiting list for a year and a half now. Estimated start date is fall of 2007...anyone else?? I mainly see posts from people in programs or people still taking pre req's.... Read More

  1. by   puresass
    i just got an email from lisa saying that she has a preceptor for me in the ICU at kaiser, so it's set in stone! so excited!!

    congratulations on the step down unit!! do you know if you're days or nights yet? have you done rotations on that floor?
  2. by   katilynn
    Congrats! We will be right next to each other. I will be getting some of your patients. I'm days. No, I have never done rotations on that floor before. Half of my class is doing their rotation there for 230 and they really liked it and said the nurses are really nice.
  3. by   LVN-RNhopeful
    If you're planning on going the LVN-RN route, as of July, I believe, they have a new requirement that you will have at least a year of experience as an LVN.
  4. by   JenRN2011
    The new requirement is for new applicants applying on or after July 15, 2009. If you are currently on the waitlist, this does not apply. The new requirement is to try and make the new students a little more level in practical knowledge.

  5. by   katilynn
    Has anyone graduated recently from Grossmont? How long did if take for you to get your okay to take the nclex? The hospital I accepted a job at (Sharp) doesn't take IP's and the New Grad programs start in July. Students from other schools that graduate at the same time as mine say they will have their license within two weeks. Does this sound right? My program director said it will take 4-6 weeks to get approval to test and then about a week before your name appears on the BRN website. What was your experience?
  6. by   katilynn
    So, the letters should be going out soon to the wait listers soon. I remember I got mine the first week of May.
  7. by   JenRN2011
    What letter are you referring to getting in May? Your NCLEX or Grossmont?

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  8. by   craziechiq
    Thanks for the update. I think she means the grossmont waitlist? I'm guessing. We will see.
  9. by   sdmommie
    I got my e-mail acceptance into Grossmont's ADN today!! There's still no Evening/Weekend program. Anybody have any insight on why?
  10. by   JenRN2011
    Evening/Weekend is based on a grant. I would assume that the grant did not get renewed.

  11. by   katilynn
    Yes, I was referring to the acceptance letters.

    Congrats sdmommie!!! I'm not sure but they might not have one (n&w) for awhile. I don't think we got the funding for it. People who want back in my program are now being referred to the day program I have heard. You should defintely call and ask. I know you had put it off previously, holding out.

    I really hope the people on here that have been waiting 3 years to get their letters, finally get them. I have my fingers crossed for you.
  12. by   Melindy06
    Thank you so much for the encouragement katilynn! I've been waiting 2.5 years and am really hoping it happens for me soon, along with the rest of those patient people that have been waiting! And congrats to sdmommie! I'm SO happy for you :icon_hug:
  13. by   katilynn
    I will never forget waiting. It felt like my life was on hold, and in some ways it was.

    I remember when they sent out the acceptance emails I didn't receive mine because I have a yahoo email address. I don't know if that problem was fixed or not but they encouraged us to get a different email address first semester. I never did, now the majority of my emails from the school go to the bulk. Also, I received a letter by mail about a week after the emails went out. Just make sure all your contact info is current. They are not going to track you down. They send out the responses give you somthing like two weeks to accept/deny/postpone and then move on to the next.