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I've been on the Grossmont waiting list for a year and a half now. Estimated start date is fall of 2007...anyone else?? I mainly see posts from people in programs or people still taking pre req's.... Read More

  1. by   craziechiq
    Yeah I was CPR certified back in november. What have you been doing as a volunteer? I would love to work in a hospital right now as a 20 hour part time job but absolutely no one is hiring. so I don't know. I emailed grossmont but they just gave me the same run around saying that they said it was a three year wait and thats what it is even though i know people get in sooner than that. I just can't imagine having to wait until spring 2010 that is completely ridiculous. anyway have a good week.
  2. by   Melindy06
    I work at the Info desk, so I basically just answer phones, admit and discharge patients, take specimens to the lab, get blood from the blood bank, and pretty much any other errands that the nurses ask us to do. I like it and I've met a lot of other wonderful people, whether it be other volunteers or hospital employees. I also called the nursing dept after I took the TEAS and they told me the same thing. She was rather vague and wouldn't tell me if there was a possibility for Fall 09. Argh!! Where do You currently work? So you became a medical assistant and were never able to get a job? That's a bummer. Well off to the grocery store I go! You have a great week as well!n:wink2:
  3. by   Faeriewand
    Take a Spanish class if you don't know Spanish! I can't tell you how many times I have wished I knew Spanish while working. There are many good classes to take while waiting once you have all your gen ed done. Or take a CNA class or EMT class and try to get a job as an aid somewhere for experience. Volunteering is great too. I volunteered at Alvarado for a while and really enjoyed it.

    I am on the wait list for Grossmont College LVN-RN step up and didn't get accepted this spring but I was accepted at City and will be starting the transition course this month.
  4. by   Melindy06
    Thanks for the advice! Taking a spanish class is definitely a great idea! I took it in high school, but that was 10 years ago, so I certainly need to brush up on my spanish. I appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer :bowingpur Congrats on getting into City!
  5. by   craziechiq
    Yeah I'm taking a spanish 1 class right now. i might continue taking it. i don't know. Yeah right now i'm unemployed. I was working at scripps but in the medical records dept full time and in order to go to school i couldn't keep working that schedule. thats why i'm looking for a part time night job. The bummer bout the MA thing was that I was almost 99% sure i was going to get hired at kaiser because thats where i interned and everyone said they loved me. but i never received a call or anything after i applied. So yeah that wouldve been perfect because it was evenings and i could still go to school. But stuff just happens sometimes. I should go and volunteer somewhere, i just wanted to have a job schedule first.
  6. by   Melindy06
    That sucks that you didn't get a job at Kaiser! What did you do as an MA? I always see the commercials about it, and was always curious as to what the job entailed. I enjoy volunteering, but I must admit that I am rather envious when I see students in their Grossmont Nursing scrubs. ; ) (or any other nursing students for that matter!) But it also keeps me motivated. I befriended a woman that works their and she is in her second semester of the program and she is soooo nice. She gives me great advice, and helps me to remain patient and positive! Hope you have a great weekend!!
  7. by   craziechiq
    lol thats funny. i pass the nursing classes like everyday i go to school and always see them in their scrubs and feel soooo jealous. But then i just think that will be me someday soon in those scrubs and the people walking will be envious. An MA is really like the check in person. They take you back to the room and take your blood pressure and have the appropriate trays set up. They can also give shots and do phlebotomy. The big hospitals don't allow the MA to do that though. They do minor tests like urinalaysis and glucose. They can do front office stuff too like filing medical charts and inputing info on the computer and answering phones. Those commercials are crap though. Those places charge like $10000-12000 just to be an MA which is completely ridiculous. Now there's a surplus of them and that's why there are no jobs.
  8. by   Melindy06
    So that's what they do! I always see those commercials and they totally glamorize it. Not to be mean, but do you think that it was a waste of time? I mean you obviously learned skills that will eventually be beneficial to you, but for others that might consider becoming an MA? So does that mean that CNA's are higher up than MA's? (dumb ? i know, but just curious) Do you like your spanish class? I don't know why I never thought about taking that class. I feel bad when I am at the hospital and people are asking me ?'s in spanish. I hate that I can't help them with what they are asking. Anyway, i hope you had a fabulous weekend!
  9. by   craziechiq
    I didn't really do it for the job itself. I wanted to see if I would like the whole medical thing and if I caught on to it. I didn't want to get into nursing school after two years of waiting and then find out I don't even like medical. I went through a community college which i think is the smartest choice. I spent maybe $1300 for books, supplies, scrubs. I would never suggest anyone to go to those vocational schools. did you know it costs $55,000 for RN? and you can only go to Pheonix after that for a Bachelors. CRAZY! CNA would be better hands on experience for nursing than MA i think but I think MAs make a little more than CNAs and have better hours and they don't have to do the "dirty" work. My spanish class is ok. The professor isn't the greatest. I'm still thinking whether or not I want to continue with it. I know I should but its just more classes to take. Well I will talk to you later!
  10. by   katilynn
    I think hospital experience (CNA) probably helps with the first semester. I had to work really hard for my A. After that everyone is about on the same playing field and it all came much easier. I Think it is more useful to have when you start job hunting. You can become a NA which is basically the same thing after the first year of nursing, or an extern (paid) at this time.

    Puresass do you know where your doing your preceptorship yet? I don't yet and I don't want to start my clinical objectives till i do.
  11. by   puresass
    i was told that i'd be in the ICU at kaiser, but it's not set in stone yet, so i'm just crossing my fingers (i actually had a dream last night that i found out for sure that i got into the ICU at kaiser & i was SOOO stoked.... haha). i think it's funny how they're having us write our objectives already when they're so clear that we might not get placed until the day before the preceptorship starts. but i'm thinking of just doing general stuff that could apply to med-surg or ICU, like doing an admission or a transfer/discharge from start to finish...?

    adding to what you said about being a CNA, i would definitely recommend that everyone going into the nursing program try to get a job as a CNA or a unit clerk because the job market for new grads in san diego is completely saturated, so any "in" that you have in a hospital will definitely help.
  12. by   katilynn
    Congrats that was a hard spot to land! I really hope i find out soon. 4 people in my class had theirs confirmed already. I also hope I find a job. I applied to Sharp and Childrens, Scripps is in a hiring freeze, and UCSD applications start in April.

    I two have my fingers crossed. exam II is today at 530 so i should review a bit. It was nice hearing from you.
  13. by   katilynn
    I will be in the Step down Unit at Kaiser.