Dameron Hospital Versant Summer 2011

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to open this thread for those who applied to Dameron Hospital's Versant New grad program for Summer 2011. If anyone has anything to share about the hospital (such as if you went to the meet n greet on June 7) or on the experience within the Versant program, please share!

    Thanks and good luck to us all!
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  3. by   crazyframes
    Has anyone gotten a call or gone for an interview with Dameron?
  4. by   calstudent
    I had a short "getting to know you" interview last week and will be going in this week for my second interview in where they'll be asking clinical scenario questions...yikes
  5. by   gbamerica6
    I also had a get to know you interview last week and wa invited back for a second interview this week!
  6. by   yram
    what department did you guys apply to?
  7. by   gbamerica6
    I applied for all the units. Interviewing for critical care.
  8. by   yram
    How was the meet and greet? I haven't received any calls =(. I just remember them saying that they do 4-5 quick interview meets for like 15 minutes or so. that seems fast!
  9. by   gbamerica6
    Has anyone who was interviewed heard from Dameron yet?
  10. by   calstudent
    Nope...I'm still waiting for their call.
  11. by   gbamerica6
    The waiting is killing me! Good luck!
  12. by   gbamerica6
    When did they tell you they would call? They just said sometime this week to me. What department did you interview with? If you dont mind telling me...
  13. by   calstudent
    They said they would call sometime this week too and to give them an update when I passed my NCLEX (just took it this morning). I applied for all the units and interviewed for Med/Surg-Ortho.
  14. by   gbamerica6
    Oh good, you should hear from NCLEX soon. You have a double whamy stress situation! Good luck!