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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   kmihlhau
    Hey Joe,
    There is absolutely no way to switch campuses. I am in Temecula and I love... I think you'll be happy there! First semester is really easy and you wont have a problem commuting. Second semester is when nursing classes and clinicals start. You will have 3 full days of class. Im in third semester now and we have 3 full days of class/clinicals. Many people in our program commute and make it work so it is doable. Some clinicals are held in Riverside too! I live really close to campus and it is a luxury to be so close.

    Hope this helps
  2. by   Malefocker
    Thanks for all the info Kris
  3. by   Stephers85
    Quote from db44
    So I was wondering, since I will be at the main campus, Who is also admitted into the main San Marcos campus? It seems that this group is mostly for the Temecula campus and I am greatly outnumbered!
    I am on the San Marcos campus too looking for other people who are on the same campus