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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   nurseypants328
    I was gonna call and set up an appointment to see a 3br and a 4br home that are listed with the same property management company. If orientation goes from 8-12 as planned, then we grab lunch, i was gonna set it up to have someone meet us at 2pm to show it. They are both pet friendly from what i can tell. I have some others I will need to call to set up, but those are the ones i wanna see first cuz they look really nice!
  2. by   smalleen75
    I am graduating from the 2nd bachelor program in May. Thought I would write and try to help you out.

    First of all the tuition is higher because we are in the extended learning program. This means that it is not affected by budget cuts but you pay the extra cost for the tuition itself. And clincals cost more than lecture classes. If you are in the accelerated program there is really no way to work after the first semester. I think like 5 or less people have jobs in my cohort still. You have 18 or 19 units and are in the clinical setting/lecture 40 hours a week. There really is very little time to study. So, I would bank on the fact that you will be needing loans. As a 2nd bachelor student, you are only eligible by FEDERAL GOVERNMENT law $12,500 a year in FAFSA money. Anything else that you need has to be taken out in a private loan. The economy has made that really tough because the interest rates are high and the scholarship funds are low.

    Tuition itself is about $25,000. The cheapest semester being $5000 and the most expensive around $8000. The thing they do NOT tell you is how much everything else costs. Scrubs are like $250, then there is a palm pilot, software, and textbooks. One semester our books cost about $1500. Then there are the ATI testing materials such as the books and disks, the lab coat, polo shirt, and the list goes one. I have taken out $30,000 so far. I am hoping that is all I am going to need before I graduate.

    Where I live the rent for a studio apartment is $950 a month. Two beds are the best way to go honestly because 1b and studios have gone up in price drastically since I loved to S.D. 6 years ago. Hope this helps you guys out. I wish someone had given me more of a realistic picture of everything beforehand.
  3. by   matthew.dolstein
    I live in San Diego, and would prefer not to move to Temecula as I went to High School there and know what to expect . So, the question is who wants to join my carpool club?? I'm hoping to set this up so we all only need to drive up once a week.. maybe we can have audible study sessions en route. Peace to you all, and happy new year. I look forward to meeting you more..

    Matthew Dolstein
  4. by   srtyoacnkton
    Anyone get their student id yet?
  5. by   sandiegoaaron
    Hey guys - What does everyone think about the course schedule? It's good for me, since I'll still be able to work. Hey, I went to Half.com to try and find out about book prices. I was pretty excited to see all these cheap prices, but then got wise and looked at the San Marcos bookstore website. The books on Half.com are only a little cheaper than the SM books, and after shipping costs the total looks to me to be about the same as SM prices. Thing is, buying from the SM bookstore also ensures we're buying the exact books we need (correct publishing date, etc.). I'm all open for ideas if anybody else has thoughts about where to get cheaper books. Remember the nursing student who spoke to us at orientation? I'm guessing, but I'm thinking she was telling us to buy books online (half.com, etc.) when we get into our nursing core classes, and not necessarily these prilim classes that we have to take the first semester. Anyway, hope this saves you guys some time. Go to the SM bookstore would be my advise. Oh, and I'm taking the Soc 303 class online at SD City College, so you're on your own with that book. Hope all are well. See you in about two weeks!

  6. by   sandiegoaaron
    Hey, I forgot to say, the pricing I was comparing was half.com books versus the USED books of SM. I'm not sure if you can get brand spankin' new books online or not.

  7. by   mcdoulos4
    @matthew - I'm also a local San Diegan. I think that's a great idea to carpool. We can exchange contact info via private message if you're still interested.

    About the books. I bought all my used textbooks for the 1st sem. from Amazon.com, bookbyte.com., and half.com. Use http://www.retailmenot.com/view/bookbyte.com to take off additional $5 from your book orders!

    Hope this has served you well.

  8. by   mcdoulos4
    @matthew - I'm also a local San Diegan. I think that's a great idea to carpool. We can exchange contact info via private message if you're still interested.
  9. by   Jessc408
    Anyone on here who is currently attending school at the San Marcos site? I'm eager to here About your experience!
  10. by   Malefocker
    I would love to hear about you guys who are in the program I just applied for Spring 2011. Any suggestions? What is it difficult to get in?
  11. by   Stephgriffin6
    Hi everyone who is trying to get into CSUSM ABSN program 2011,

    This is my second semester ( Cohort 6) at the Temecula campus. Summer was hell to say the least, we were the first cohort that they crammed 16 weeks into 10 weeks. Here is my opinion so far:

    1. I don't know really know how they decide who to pick because by there point system there is no way I should have gotten in. There were 850 applicants and they chose 50 for San Marcos and 50 for Temecula.
    My GPA for my last 60 units was about a 3.66, my GPA for the pre core classes that you need to get in was a 3.0 and my TEAS was a 83. From most of the people I have talked to they don't know how they got in to the program also.

    2. The program is a little disorganized, but I'm blessed to be in a program so I don't complain

    3. I really liked the professors!!

    4. Did not like all the projects and papers. Oh!! Care Plans are annoying and you will be spend many nights up late preparing them.

    5. I don't find the material hard to understand, its just time consuming to do everything. Don't plan on any other obligations while your in the program, or you might pull your hair out.

    6. Stay on top of your readings, any spare time start upcoming papers ahead of time.

    7. Nursing school is so jr high/ High school all over. My cohort has little clicks, kind of stupid but what do you expect from 20 somethings ( I'm in my 30's so I think its lame and don't talk to the clicky girls).

    8. If your a guy your in luck, there is about 8 guys in our cohort.

    9. The first semester of the graduation classes or ok, rather have done without!!

    Anymore questions let me know, this is all I can think of at the moment.
  12. by   csusm4
    Hi all. I am currently at CSUSM Temecula campus with Cohort 4. One thing I will forwarn you about in advance is the scheduling. The school and staff are not particularly organized so your clinical rotations will be very last minute with lots of changes. Don't bother complaining...no one really cares. But for those of us who have a life, it gets really hard. Some of us have found the course work pretty challenging, but others have done really well. A few of the students work, with one keeping a full-time job throughout the entire program. Not sure how she has done it and keep good grades, but she's managed....and now she's even doing it pregnant. So anything is possible....just depends on your stamina, aptitude and endurance. I second the comment about cliques. Many of the students tend to be young with very little world experience. However, there are some who have more maturity.

    Good luck to you all. I'm glad I'm almost finished because I can't say this has been the best school experience of my life, but it's a degree and I'm happy about that. But prepare for a long experience. Just keep telling yourself it's worth it in the end.
  13. by   Malefocker
    Hi everyone! I just received my acceptance letter for spring 2011. I had a couple of questions and was hoping you guys could help me. I currently live in Irvine which is about an hour and a half drive to the Temecula campus. Is there anyway to switch campuses? As I would only be about 45 min from the San Marcos Campus. Also what is your schedule like. Are you going to school 5 days a week. Or would it be doable to drive an hour and a half to school everyday. I don't plan on having a job so I would be completely devoted to school I am just nervous. I was planning on applying to National and Concordia University as well but there applications aren't due for a couple of months and I wouldn't be able to start till Aug 2011. Anyway any advice would be great. I hear the program is a little disorganized but that is to be expected. For those of you who are in the program how does it look when you graduate. Are there jobs lined up for you? I worry about this as well because I am guessing that the clinical shifts won't be anywhere near Irvine and I wouldn't want to get a job in Temecula. Thanks for all your help. I look forward to meeting some of you soon!