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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   CaliBecca
    Oh wow, sorry guys been super busy running around so I haven't checked the site as often as I should.
    @ Sarah: 7 @ Chili's is perfect for me, I should be getting into town around 5ish, depending if everything goes smoothly with the flight, etc. I'll be staying at the Ramada, and the price wasn't too bad. Now I need to find out about a rent-a-car. Btw thanks for giving us some insight on Temecula. I definately can't wait to check it out!

    @ Amy: I hella wished it snowed!!! =( But it didn't. We should definately do a doggy get-together. One of my dogs is antisocial around other dogs. I adopted him last year from a shelter, and he tends to bark at other dogs =\. We're going to a dog trainer up here to try to fix that but it's a work in progress. But my other dog is very friendly and loves to play ball, so I'll bring her to meet you!

    Also, I was doing some research with apartments around Temecula, It seemed like many places require pet rent?! it was around 30 dollars per pet per month. So I saw some more pet friendly places on-line like Morning Ridge Apts, Solana Ridge, and Eagle Glen Apartments in Murrieta...I guess since its my first year there, and me not being familiar with Temecula, I wanted to stay as close to campus as possible.
  2. by   Jameson1
    Are there a lot of you that are meeting tomorrow night before thursday orientation?
  3. by   amybames
    I hear you Becca! My flight leaves this afternoon and I have so much to do still! And boo on no snow... apparently it snowed everywhere else This morning I woke up to a thick sheet of ice on my car, but that's it, and that's just annoying!

    So I just booked a room at the roadway inn, and I'm thinking that 7 shouldn't be a problem to meet up at Chili's. Thanks to facebook I can even recognize some of you

    OK I'm going to get serious now and finish a paper and pack. See you soon!
  4. by   nurseypants328
    i saw pet rent at a few of the apartments too. I hate that. Its lame enough they charge you an extra $300-$400 for deposit, then pet rent on top of that! At my last apartment they wanted $650 for pet deposit!! rediculous. Anyhoo, im finding with some of the houses, pet rent isnt an issue. I have about 5 houses I found in temecula that look decent, 3 and 4 br. The 4br is $1600 (400/person... woot!) the 3brs are between 1300 and 1450 i think. I saw a lot of places in murrieta too, but since there were plenty to chose from in temecula im kinda just eliminating other cities for the time being. Apartments are a lot more flexible with cats then dogs i found. They want like 1 small dog and 1 small cat. and some of them have specific buildings for dogs. doggie discrimination!! The houses i saw sunday were super cute tho, so im sure we can figure that out Have the dogs been aquainted with a cat before? Im sure there would be a bit of animosity in the beginning, but if things work out with the "pet people", im sure they would grow to love eachother
  5. by   nurseypants328
    oh and amy... I am at the rodeway inn too! see ya there.
  6. by   gween
    Aw man, they got rid of my Facebook post...

    Anyway, Oops sorry I wont get to the Ontario Airport until 8PM so I probably won't be able to meet up with you guys unless you guys stay there for a while..
  7. by   jimmy83
    so guys...how do you guys pick which places you want to look into and which to not...definitely price range is a deciding factor, but because i haven't really met any of you guys, i dunno how many br's, the location, pets or no pets, house or apartment, when the move in date should be, price everybody is comfy with to know about master bedrooms if it's a house..ahh..haha i dunno how to limit the choices...there seem to be so many...can someone shed the light for me?
  8. by   nurseypants328
    Hey Jimmy, for me, im searching for as many bedrooms as possible in Temecula for under $1600. I would love to keep my rent at $400 but I can go up to about $450, which eliminates pretty much all the 2brs ive seen. Apartments I have seen don't have 4brs. Whatever I find online that meets those criteria im printing out and figure we can go look at them. The problem with not really knowing everybody, is that if for example 4 or 5 of us pile in a car and go see a 3br that is really nice... how do we decide who lives there? That's been my predicament from the beginning, but im gonna try my best to just go with the flow and see what happens. With master bedrooms the rent would be a little more just cuz that person gets a bathroom and larger living space, but we can work that all out when we all decide on a place. Pet people don't really have much of a choice in terms of where they live cuz some places don't allow pets. I could probably get away with sneaking my cat in just cuz she is an indoor cat and they would never know. I was avoiding asking too many question about people preferences, move in dates, etc until we met up and hung out a bit. I'm glad to see you are thinking the same thing I am tho. I have been estimating a move in date of the 9th just cuz that's the week before school starts and that will give us time to settle in and get ready.
  9. by   jimmy83
    ahh icic, i was planning on going with the flow big time, im more of an accomodating person, i don't need too much, i can go with pet or no pets, more people or less, so if for instance we all saw a house like you said..and four of yall wanted it..i'd be inclined to let yall have it, that's just the way i am, i mean i would want to be with u guys but what can you do..someone has to sacrifice right? i just hope i end up having one of my classmates as a house/apt mate..it makes life so much easier..=) can't wait to meet yall!
  10. by   gween
    Ya, I'm with you too Jimmy! I'm even looking at 1br just in case lol
  11. by   gween
    I'm making a list of potential apts right now.. I prefer to have a washer and dryer unit! That would make life so much easier... I'm just looking at all my options-- 1br, 2br, 3br... and also looking at Craigslist.
  12. by   nurseypants328
    i found some nice 3brs with w/d in unit. Im a huge fan of having that amenity. I looked at Portofino, they were my favorite in terms of apartments.
  13. by   gween
    Thanks sarah! ill look into that =)