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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   jimmy83
    i just got it too!
  2. by   CaliBecca
    Hey guys! Wow I should have checked allnurses.com earlier! It's been a month since I even checked about CSU San Marcos stuff on this site. I've been reading some of the posts here, and it seems that some of you are also accepted to the Temecula cohort for 2009. I'm 25, and from Davis, CA (near Sacramento) but originally from SF, and i've been scrambling to find info about apartments, financial aid, scholarships, etc. Any useful info? Are you guys meeting up before the orientation?
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  3. by   CaliBecca
    Did any of you guys find out apartments outside of apartmentguide.com or rent.com? It seems like its the same 5 or 6 apartments on these websites. I checked craigslist, and didn't really come up with anything. Also the offcampus housing website on the CSU San Marcos website hasn't been helpful. Perhaps I'm just going about it wrong?
  4. by   nurseypants328
    Hi Becca,

    The plan is to meet up after orientation, grab some grub and go look at some places, you are more then welcome to come with us! I have found a majority of the ones on my list on craigslist. Quite a few 3-4br houses for rent. As far as apartments, i have found some 3br places that look nice as well. I found that with my budget having 2-3 roommates is going to make the most financial sense. I know what you mean about finding all the same places on rent.com and apartments.com.
    I was actually thinking of heading down there this weekend to check some of the places out, see the neighborhoods, and the conditions of the houses. Hopefully that will help me cut my list down a bit so we dont spend forever looking at places after orientation. Who knows... i may even squeeze in a little wine tasting!
  5. by   amybames
    Hey Calibecca,

    I'm from Woodland! We should meet up

    Anyway I've been looking more at houses than apartments. There are some pretty affordable houses on craigslist if we get enough people, but I'm sensing that that won't be a problem!

    Jimmy, way to get proactive! That would be awesome if we could have someone show us around. Oh and I got my little fin.aid email to! I actually talked to someone briefly yesterday, and she said that the orientation is pretty much informational, and we don't need to bring anything.
  6. by   CaliBecca
    YAY! that sounds awesome, my flight leaves ( in Ontario) around 4:00, so I'm down to grab some grub, apartment hunting, and get to know everyone before I leave. Now, I'm wishing that I made a later flight!:smackingf Have fun looking around in Temecula, and tell us what you find! haha we should all do a wine-tasting get together before we get stuck studying everyday!
    @ Amy: I'm super happy to know that there are some Nor-cal people going to Temecula! When I was reading the statistics it seemed that most people are from the San Diego region. So I was worried about the moving, etc.

    I happen to have two medium sized dogs that I'm contemplating about bringing down to Temecula. They are potty-trained, they don't tear up stuff, have all their shots, and are well mannered(especially if you have food.) I would fully pay for the pet deposit, if I was to find an apartment or house with anyone. However I'm sure that a few people would not like to live with pets or are allergic.
  7. by   nurseypants328
    haha, expect a full report from me Becca, ive been going batty trying to figure out how getting a place is gonna work when so many people are from out of the area and if a group of us want to live together, how we will coordinate that I dont mind doing the legwork if a group of us are really interested in a place. If your flight leaves at 4, you may not have much time to look at places... but at least you can come have lunch and get to know everyone! Are you flying in wednesday night?
    I have a cat that ill be bringing with me (she is very sweet and doesnt usually mess with people's allergies! i noticed that my friends with cat allergies never had a problem with her) I think Amy said she has a dog too. I am not opposed at all to living with dogs or other pets as long as they are well behaved.
  8. by   jimmy83
    whatever the case, pets or no pets, i'm in if we're looking to hoard together..
  9. by   amybames
    Yup! I have a dog to! So we may end up splitting into the animal house, and the non-animal house My guy is a ten pound schnauzer but he thinks he's 60lbs. Other than being a little bossy with other dogs, he's pretty well behaved.
  10. by   CaliBecca
    Oh wow, I'm glad that so many of you are bringing your pets. I love Schnauzers! I was starting to think it might be a bad idea, and was trying to convince my parents into taking care of them for two years. I definitely have to find a Vet down there and possibly a dog-sitter/walker on days that we have to be in school or at the hospital for 6+ hours if I bring them down.

    I am actually going to come down to Temecula on the Dec 9th in the afternoon. So I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the town before it gets dark. I'm staying in Old town. What about you guys?
  11. by   nurseypants328
    well i was planning on just driving down that morning, but maybe since there are so many of you guys out there the day before, i might drive down after work if a group of us wanted to hang out, maybe grab dinner?? Are any of yall up for that?
  12. by   jimmy83
    I'm game...i need to find a place to stay though, im too lazy to deal with traffic the next morning..
  13. by   nurseypants328
    hah, i was thinking the same thing. has anyone come across any cheap hotels?