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  1. Hello,

    I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon!

    Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had some questions. I am an current CSULA student that transferred to CSULA in Fall 2010. I'm a Psychology major but am applying for Fall 2012 Nursing. I haven't taken my TEAS yet, but I'll be taking that on Friday (!!), so I'm very nervous about that.

    That said, this is my first question:
    I've been getting mixed info from different people. When I visited the Academic Advising Office last Spring (2011), the adviser told me that as long as I did not graduate from CSULA BEFORE I graduated, I could apply to the SON as a BSN applicant. I called SON to see if I could even apply for the ELM program and they told me that as far as they knew, I could not because I did not have my Bachelor's Degree yet.

    So right now, I have approximately 2 quarters left in order to finish my Psychology major, approximately 6~8 classes. Ideally, I could finish by Spring 2012, but depending on my other workloads, I could push it back to Fall 2012. The problem is that I'm not allowed to graduate if I want to go into the basic program so I can't apply for graduation just yet. But IF I don't get into the BSN program, then I have to wait another two quarters after May or June or whenever they send out acceptances in order to officially graduate.

    So I went to go and talk to my adviser about graduation and if I should even bother applying for Spring 2012 graduation and she tells me that no, I'm not allowed to apply for a BSN but I can go for the ELM program.

    Does anyone know which is true? The CSULA advisers tell me that I can't apply for the Basic program but I can apply for ELM while the SON says that I can't apply for ELM because I don't have my Bachelor's degree yet and I should apply for the BSN program. Other graduate schools like APU and UCLA have also told me the same thing - without a Bachelor's, I cannot get apply for the ELM program at their school.

    Thank you~
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  3. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I have no idea. Talk to the nursing dept. Why did you an psych undergrad and not a nursing one? If you are going to graduate then apply for the next cycle El-MSN program. If you not going to graduate then apply for BSN program. You have all the pre reqs done? I'd your GPA good enough? If you figure you points are 22+ then I think your chances are good for the BSN program. BUT if you graduate you may have better chances at the EL-MSN program. You will have to look at the requirements, figure your chances and go from there. There is also ADN programs to look into.
    Good luck
  4. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Ok so I am bumping this thread up so people can see it! I am plannning on send my application in tomorrow! Currently looking for a CNA job to boost up my application...hopefully I find one before March LOL.

    How is all the other CSULA Fall 2012 applicants doing?
  5. by   gaspu8myc00kie
    Hello everyone,

    Well, just to let you know, I won't be apply to the 2012 year. I was told that I had too many units to switch majors (so no basic program) and few units for the elm program (i don't have a BA yet).

    I've asked about possibly double-majoring, but it seems to be a no-go as of yet. Still waiting for a reply.

    Good luck to the rest of you!
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    Aw. Well good luck!
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  8. by   willowita
    Just curious if anyone knows if you can transfer straight into the nursing program at CSULA if you have done all the prerequisites at a community college? Or would you have to pick another major, wait a year, and then apply? Even if you have finished all prereqs?
  9. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Ok so you do the pre reqs at CSULA or at a CC. Once done you can apply to the program.
    That being said if your at a CC and your pre reqs are done. Come fall application period, you apply as a nursing major at CSULA. Then you apply separately to the program. Google CSULA nursing go to right where it has academic programs and click basic BSN. Good luck!
  10. by   willowita
    Thanks for the info BeachBedhead!
  11. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    No problem. So where are all the CSULA students at?
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    Bump up this thread
  13. by   Spiffyness
    I just turned in my app for csula bsn program today! does anyone know the average or range of points of applicants who generally get into the program?
  14. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    They there!

    How is it going? Did you turn in the entire application, like TEAS, volunteer/healthcare exp ect...?
    From what I found out for last fall 2011, through threads, is that the lowest person accepted stated that their score was 22/30 (not 31 due to not taking 2nd bachelors).
    I have also heard that in fall 2010, someone was waitlisted with only 19/30! That person was called a week before school started.

    Anywho, CSULA is very smart, and I believe they make cuts along the way towards the "final" cut that is around mid-March. Like they deny you if your ineligible, the app is incomplete, a pre req was taken more than once, GPA is less then req etc...
    Then they make cuts in Jan-early March (I heard, I dont know how true this is) . I heard the cut is around 20 points. I mean it is kinda smart because you have like say, on a good day, over 500 applicants, and say at least HALF have about 15-20 points while the other half have above 20 points...it makes sense. Now, as I said, I dont know how true that is because people still might not have pre reqs, volunteer hours ect in progress.

    So that is the bulk of my applicant knowledge. My advice is shot over 20 points if available. If that means volunteering or taking a CNA class to get extra points, its worth it. Seriously, because I know you want the points but the experience is going to come in handy especially the first year of nursing school, basic CNA work. So that is my advice.
    My points are as follows:
    Pre req GPA: 3.86 (10 pts)
    Overall GPA: 3.15 (2 pts) after fall it will raise
    TEAS Reading: 76% (3 pts)
    TEAS English: 80% (4 pts)
    Healthcare Exp: CNA in hospital (pending verification): 3 pts
    So I have about 22 points. My TEAS really sucked, I got an 82% overall. My overall GPA is just so low that I need to make up for it with retaking the TEAS, which I am next Friday! Ugh I just wished it wasnt so expensive!