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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had... Read More

  1. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    i have never seen people in a school thread get accepted and denied over days/weeks

    and a lot of people that participate on these threads normally get accepted*

    *majority that i have seen...just an observation
  2. by   joyest72
    don't say that!!! are you sure you are not accepted? Then so am I, funk...
    I think I might get like a heart attack, everytime I check my e-mail, I feel pain in my heart and it skips a beat or something.
    They seriously need to put a warning when applying:
    "Warning: May casuse serious effects to those with heart conditions"
  3. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    hahaha your so funny Joy!

    No I haven't been "officially" denied yet... I am expecting it, I am just wondering what I taking so long to send it to me...
  4. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I guess nothing for today!
  5. by   thongvo
    I haven't receive anything.... should I be worry? lol...
  6. by   itzkristineuh
    You guys should try emailing Jim. That's what I did to get a response
  7. by   thongvo
    can i get his email lol thx
  8. by   joyest72
    @dark: I know same here, its like TELL ME ALREADY!!!!
  9. by   caligirl21
    Just wondering... has anyone received their "hard copy in the mail" yet? It's been over a week since I got my acceptance email and still nothing in the actual mail. And if anyone did receive a letter in the mail, did it contain any addition information that was not in the email?

    And for those still waiting to hear from the SON, keep your hopes up!

  10. by   Sirena80
    I haven't received a hard copy yet either. It sounds like they haven't sent much of anything this week.
  11. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I think this week is a no go. I bet I am denied and my points are so low that I am not even worth a denial letter (hey sounds like what CSULB did to me!)
  12. by   abodamurse
    anyone hear back yet?
  13. by   joyest72
    No e-mail yet..