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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had... Read More

  1. by   kosmic2003
    Hey daisies. Dis someone from the admission office tell u they recieved 500 apps?
  2. by   kimnganle
    hi. anyone get accepted recently? i got a rejected letter from SON because they said i did not turn in my copy of driver license before the deadline. how ridiculous because i took a lot of time to go over my package before sending it,so how could i make that mistake. i m going to call them tomorrow .
  3. by   msxdbsk
    hey guys
    so does anyone know the average points stats for fall 2011 or how many points we should be getting to have a good chance of getting in the the nursing program? & how many people they take in every year?
    i'm so nervous.. i don't have very much points (20 pts)... so i feel like i'm not going to get in..

    Also i have a question for transfer students: I got accepted into the university for this fall 2012 and the enrollment fee is due by MAy 1, but i havent heard back from SON. what should i do about the enrollment fee? am i suppose to just pay it? what happens if i dont get in?!
  4. by   msxdbsk
    Quote from rlm1825
    I think the CSULA's SON dept. is messed up. They should prioritize CSULA students because WELL they are THEIR students. They paid their tuition for CSULA. Part of that tuition goes to the nursing dept budget. I still dont get how in other CSUs they prioritize their students over transfer students but not in CSULA! Also, the prerequisites classes are way harder in CSULA than in other CCs nearby. Trust me, I've taken same classes in CSULA and in other CCs nearby and I can guarantee that CSULA's classes are much much difficult. The Microbio in CSULA is ridiculously hard. Only half of the class passes with a C or better while the rest gets a D or an F. Its impossible to get an A in that class. Ive taken a microbio class in ELAC and I aced with no problem. So all you transfer students panicking with your 20-30 points should stop whining cause for sure all you are gonna get in! Consider yourselves lucky.
    Why should transfer students with 20pts not be worried?
    I'm sure SON looks at the overall points to make their decisions based on who has the highest, not if they are transfer students or not. that wouldnt make sense if they prioritize transfer students over CSULA students.
  5. by   msxdbsk
    Quote from Azhan
    hi! I applied to csula this year too. i think i have 22/23 out of 31 possible points. Prereqs (minus micro because it's not considered part of prereqs GPA): 3.81. Overall GPA: 3.69 as of fall 2011. TEAS (didnt do so well on reading) 99th percentile on english and 56 on reading and 90s in math and science. + 2 points for volunteering. What do you think my odds are of being accepted into the program?
    why is micro not part of prereq gpa...? on the papers it all says micro is included in gpa
  6. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Do not pay anything until you hear from the program. Luckily CSULA will release letters like the last week of april. That should give enough time to figure if you want to attend or not and pay the deposit. I have the same problem with CSUSB but they said they will refund it for me. Try asking admissions.
    To get a rough idea for last falls statistics, go up to the search function and type in 'CSULA nursing fall 2011'
    I heard that even some years that alternates up to the high teens of points got in. I highly doubt it will be like that now.
    I hope that everyone at least applied to back up schools. You should never, NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. Does not matter what type of programs you applied for or how stellar your 4.0 is. It is better to start an ADN over waiting years to get into BSN programs.
    Just my opinion.
    But everyone relax. Just a few more weeks, hang in there.
    Expect snail mail letters.
    As for your denial, did you just get this letter recently? If so, contact the SoN just in case, to clarify. Since it is so competitive and they have plenty of applicants, I doubt they will overturn it. UNLESS you have CONCRETE proof of putting your DL in the packet. I dont know how you would prove that, it isn't like sending your TEAS scores or something which you have a receipt as proof. But at least you can ask. Their nursing dept is one of the only non rude depts I have spoke to. They may give you good news.
    Good luck everyone!
  7. by   iheartewoks
    Hey everyone!

    I was just wondering if any of you could tell me if the CSULA SON dept. gives out any kind of verification about the applications they receive if you call in, and who should I ask to talk to if I ever get a hold of them. They aren't very good about answering their phone calls (I've called dozens of times with no answer) , and I just wanted to verify with them if they could tell me the exact number of points I have since i'm not sure about the exact number myself (having turned in some stuff in late) and if i am missing anything. I'm also worried that my application has been misplaced among the other 500 (probably just my anxiety about the whole process) but I really just need to know I still have a shot. Has anyone called in asking about their points and status? If so please let me know who to talk to or what specific number I should call.

  8. by   Priaz
    @msxdbsk Microbiology is not considered in the prereqs GPA of csula's nursing app. The prereqs GPA is based on 6 classes (Bio 200A & B, chem 151, comm 150, engl 101, critical thinking class) Microbio is considered in the overall GPA. It's different.
  9. by   Priaz
    also, i heard from my friend that its even more competitive this year than it has been before. Apparently, last year, they accepted people who had 19 points. But this year, there are a lot of people who have a 4.0 in prereqs.
  10. by   kosmic2003
    Azhan, who is giving you this information about gpas. I wouldnt hold that to be true unless someone from the nursing administration gave you that information
  11. by   Spiffyness
    I wouldn't rely so much on last years stats.. this year will be different with the whole service area thing. If someone with a 19 lived closer in the area they would probably take them over a person with a 20 who is a transfer student. Just my guess.
  12. by   Priaz
    @kosmic2003 well like i said, i heard it from a friend. But she went to the nursing department today and talked to ------.
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  13. by   kosmic2003
    Ahhhh, kk