Concordia University Irvine Accelerated BSN Fall 2012

  1. I am in the midst of getting my application ready. Hoping that I can wow the committee with my letter, as my GPA is not as competitive as I would like.

    Anyone else planning on applying for Fall?
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  3. by   beanursey

    I'm actually applying for the program at this moment. Well, I applied already and I have all my classes filled other than one class that I have to take at the school. Good luck to you!
  4. by   adonisvil
    I am applying again, I hope the odds will be in my favor this time. BeesMama, . . . Goodluck to you, and thanks for opening this thread.Wish you luck. beanursey
  5. by   Jreilly906
    I am also applying for the Fall 2012 program. I have been working on my essay questions as well. I really want to readers to get a good sense of who I am and how bad I want this. Are you mailing you packet in or hand delivering it? Good luck everyone! I hope to meet you all soon when we start the program in fall
  6. by   Bobmo88
    I was considering this program because a friend of mine went through it but then I unexpectedly got into another program. I even had my essay written before this semester (the last for my BA) so I could just get letters of Rec. then apply.Good luck everyone!
  7. by   JP808
    Hello! Yes, I am applying as well. Really excited! Anyone know what "not confidential" means for the Letter of Recommendations? Does that mean we can read the letter before submitting it? Anyone have a class IP still?
  8. by   adonisvil
    Nice to hear from you JP808. Don't worry about class IP. During my first application i had 3 class IP and i was invited for the interview. Just provide proof that you are enrolled, if possible that you are passing the class. I remember bringing my official transcript during the interview. On my second application, all my preq are done but i was not invited. I don't know why. It makes me think about the importantance of the essay and the recommendations. Regarding the "not confidential" i think your right with that. And it is better that way. So we have the option to hold the LOR when we think it is not helpful to our application. BTW, it is very helpful to submit the application early to have time for them to review your application. Good luck to you.
  9. by   BeesMama
    I have collected all of my transcripts and am finishing up my essay. I am really hoping and praying for an interview!
  10. by   Jreilly906
    I just mailed off my packet today! I tripple checked everything, I feel really strong about my essays. Now it is the waiting game. Does anyone know when they will be notifying people if they have been selected for the interview process. Good luck everyone. I hope to be meeting some of you soon at the interviews
  11. by   BeesMama
    Good luck!

    In an information session, the Admissions director said that they would be notifying people for interviews in early July. Then interviews would occur. Following that, they would notify of admittance in late July/early August.
  12. by   Jreilly906
    I called today and got the same information. That is such a long time away. Hopefully they just say that but it is actually sooner. I couldn't imagine it taking a month to a month in half to go through the applications. Good luck everyone!
  13. by   nokuwah
    I am hand dropping off my application packet today! good luck to all.
  14. by   JP808
    adonisvil- Thank you for your comments! ... So, you've already applied twice??? this is your third? WOW... yes, i wonder what the difference was??? I heard the essay weighs pretty heavy... Good luck to you during this application process...!

    Today is the deadline!!! ))

    Waiting waiting waiting...