Cal State Los Angeles?

  1. Does anyone have any info/thoughts on Cal State LA's nursing program?


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  3. by   tkhayman
    are you asking about CSULA? Because i was wondering about the same thing? My hospital offers on site BSN classes from them.
  4. by   AnaBanana12
    I just graduated from CSULA. Its a great school, but the adminstration is slow. If you are going for a BSN, a cal state is the way to go because its affordable. good luck
  5. by   lisacp75
    tkhayman - Yes, CSULA is what I'm asking about...

    AnaBanana12 - Thanks for your reply! I've searched the forums and didn't find much about CSULA - nothing firsthand anyway... Was it hard to get in? I've already spoken to them about admission requirements and they seem easier than CSU Long Beach. But I've heard that the program is still difficult. Also - were you wait listed or accepted immediately? As far as administration being slow, how specifically?

    Sorry for all of the questions...

  6. by   tkhayman
    Yes anna banana if you don't mind these questions. i am looking in to Azusa and CSULA. I think that no matter where you go the BSN program will be though, so i am doing my research first. I was at CSUDH online program but it did not work for me as i need that class room stimulation. Thanks.
  7. by   AnaBanana12
    When I applied in fall 2002 and i dont remember waiting long. They only accept every fall quarter and I got in the fall 2003. Im not sure if there is a wait list now, you might have to check. When you get all your prereqs done you will take the ATI test and that will help determine if you get in. They base applicants on a point system (GPA, ATI results, interview, volunteer work, overall GPA, i think). Im really not sure exactly what it was, but its something like that. They accepted 70ish to the CSULA program and another 20 or so to the collaborative track. The collaborative track students go to a community college for 1 year and finish the rest of the two years at CSULA. Personally, i didnt find it difficult to get in, but the program was difficult, esp. Med/surg III quarter!! As for admistration, the school and the nursing department were just disorganized for some strange reason. I had to resend offical transcripts like 3 times, we would have to wait almost 2-3 weeks into each quarter to get our books, and in the beginning of every quarter it always seemed like it was not prepared (no clinical sites, no professors, no classrooms, ect). Besides all that, I did enjoy was a good school. I think all the negatives stuff can happen at any schools.

    Tkhayman- I have nothing against APU, but from what Ive heard for other students that went there...ITS HELLA EXPENSIVE. Its a great school and they have a strong program, but its pricy. Good luck
  8. by   lisacp75
    Thanks so much for the response Ana! It's nice to hear from someone who has been through the program already - and survived! Congrats!

  9. by   tkhayman
    Thank you so much for you info, i will take it into consideration.
  10. by   matthewandrew
    If you're a CSULA BSN applicant, please visit this thread.
    CSU Los Angeles School of Nursing (CSULA Fall 2010) - Nursing for Nurses
  11. by   nevermind1503
    BTW, does anyone know when we can take a break during our academic year? Can I take a break after my first quarter?