Best site to look for LVN jobs?

  1. Hi, I'm an LVN, no problem getting nursing jobs before but I think I'm searching the wrong places. I always look into or Any other recommendations for good nursing jobs search? Looking to work somewhere else.
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  3. by   dcoffee
    Believe it or not, go to MY and you don't even have to register, on the opening page, you can do a job search. That site alone takes LVN jobs from many websites and lists them all on one site. Another good one sometimes is CalJobs, I can send you the page if you can't find it. Those are the two that stand out the most in my memory....
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I'm probably the old-fashioned one, as I have always looked in the employment section within the classified ads of my local newspaper for jobs.
  5. by   nanaLVN
    I'm having a really hard time finding a job. I've never been to so many interviews in my entire life. I'm just not getting hired. Somebody please, HELP! =)
  6. by   hramir03
    Another place to look is I'm having trouble finding a good LVN job. I just got licensed in April of this year. In May I got hired at a nursing home, but that place was a disaster, no DSD to top it off. I was given about 47 residents to pass meds to, and the DON didn't make herself available. She hired me on the spot, but now I know why, the LVNs were quiting, and I did too on the 15th day. Some of the other nursing homes that I applied before this one, didn't take my application, because they were not interested in hiring new grads. I'm IV certified, and most of the hospitals aren't giving me a call back. I passed (with a high score)the LA County exam for LVN, and waiting for one of the county facilities to call me. In the meantime, I have a partime job, working on a school case, but if the child is absent, I don't get paid. This past week I interviewed for a non-profit, clinical position but hey want to pay me $14.64. They are low-budget on their salaries, the MDs are volunteers. The nursing homes out in this area start between $18-$21. I just don't feel I want a nursing home job, after my last one (6 LVNs in total quit the month I quit).
  7. by   wooosp