Anyone else waiting to hear from San Diego State University? - page 4

So April 15th has come and gone. Now we sit and wait. I know that letters won't start coming out until June, right? I will admit that I'm nervous - I worry about my GPA not being good enough... Read More

  1. by   Alexischristine
    oh ok that makes more sense...Thank you!!
  2. by   craziechiq
    still no mail! have to wait for tomorrow
  3. by   chickadee77
    darn... i need pepto for my churning tummy.. i can't handle this stress..
  4. by   4lotus8
    Thank you for updating us folks who are stuck at work and can't check mail during the day!!! I really really appreciate it.
  5. by   ams422
    Nothing in the mail today either. ugh. :angryfire
  6. by   SwtSangria
    ...i dnt understand...but then again i do. annoyed.
  7. by   Alexischristine
    Fingers crossed for today!
  8. by   craziechiq
    PLEASEEEE come today. i don't have work til noon. hopefully mail will come early. he was really late yesterday and i cursed him under my breath for that. lol
  9. by   craziechiq
    mailman did his job well today, but still no letter....
  10. by   4lotus8
    Not to add any more anxiety to the circle here, but I talked to one 3rd semester student and they said they received their letter/phone call last year on June 29. Any day now....
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  11. by   nondelicacy
    I think I need a vacation.....the suspense is killing me.
  12. by   ams422
    same here...i feel like all i can think about is this damn letter!
  13. by   Alexischristine
    If the whole budget cut thing is true, which I think it is because a friend of mine works at sdsu and mentioned the craziness that is going on because of it, I would imagine they are probably freaking out too! But this is very stressful and I hope they figure it out shortly! Water83 did u mention that they call people?

    Hang in there, I feel like everyone who has been posting seems really dedicated and deserves to get in!