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Hi I was just wondering if anyone is applying to saddleback college for spring 07. We can share our thoughts and make the waiting a little more pleasant.In my case is going to be the longest of my... Read More

  1. by   Rwkrystal
    Hi guys!! I just don't know about a 4.0 getting in there! Malefocker...I'm so glad you say you think that's enough...I wonder if they do actually look at Bachelors degree, etc.(seems like they would and they will be in June for sure) I have taken the speech and pharmacology and all core nursing classes except the human growth and development classes which I am taking right now at Goldenwest. I am also taking Math 30 right now and I know that it will be required (like the other schools) for June 2010 apps. I just want to get in this application period sooo bad!! It does seem so crazy that 2 A's 1 B and 3.9 is 15 points! its so crazy that other schools are only taking apps once a year....I hope we ALL get good news in May...I'm glad this site can help us pass time while we wait
  2. by   Malefocker
    If you have a 4.0 that means that you have all A's in your pre-reqs right? So if that is the case then you have 18 points which is the highest points you can get. So if you don't get in we are all in trouble!!! If you got all A's in Anatomy, Physiology and Micro and you have a 4.0 I don't see how there is anyway that you wouldn't get in. I want to get in so bad this fall as well. I wonder if being a male carries any weight?
  3. by   Rwkrystal
    Haha!! Yes, "A" in Anatomy, Physio, Micro, etc etc...! The hard part is this waiting. And then ofcourse, the let ndown if we don't get in this time!!!!
    I think your bachelors and being male will help you(kind of a minority!!!) I met a guy in my pharmacology class
    that had been accepted to GWC and he said he thought it had helped!! Have you already taken TEAS?
  4. by   wildemel
    Ummm if being male helps you get into nursing school, then I smell a lawsuit. Can't do that in a public school system. Equal opportunity.
  5. by   Rwkrystal
    Ummmm...excellent point.
  6. by   Malefocker
    If you got A's in micro, phys, and anatomy... I would say 100% you are in. There is no one that will be able to score better than you. Anyway no I haven't taken the teas... and I read that in case of a tie they will first give priority to people who have completed the core classes and then to an underrepresented population in the nursing community (men?) But I don't know I am hoping that my 15 points is good enough to get me in. I haven't taken the teas... signed up for them taking them in the middle of April. The 17th I think. Anyway it is nice to talk to someone is going through the same process goodluck... Although I am sure you don't need it.
  7. by   unlmtdbrdstks
    Hope everyone will let us know when you hear anything! I definitely will! The time is getting so close!! good luck everyone!!
  8. by   Malefocker
    AWWW man I am so nervous I can't even sleep.... Just want to be a nurse sooo bad. I will let you guys know as soon as I hear something... Less than 2 weeks!!!!
  9. by   blsnipe
    Has anyone received their letters for the Fall 2010 program? It's crazy, I have made it the last few months without thinking about it but these last few days are killing me. I'm curious, do they mail the letters out on the 15th or will we receive notice by the 15th?
  10. by   Malefocker
    I am assuming that we will get them any day now!!! I will let you know as soon as I hear anything from the school. I was thinking about calling them.. but didn't. Hopefully they mailed the letters out and we will hear tomorrow I don't want to wait till Monday. Good luck everyone!
  11. by   JKR_SB
    Hi all, I came home to an acceptance letter in the mail today. So keep checking your mailboxes...
  12. by   sherbear92606
    Quote from JKR_SB
    Hi all, I came home to an acceptance letter in the mail today. So keep checking your mailboxes...
    How many points did you have if you mind me asking? I have 16 so I am getting super nervous, 2 of my friends got their letter today and they both have 18 points.
  13. by   JKR_SB
    I, too, had 18 points.