Anybody hear from L.A. County Program?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just wondering if any of you that tested at the L.A. County-USC Nursing Program got your test results sending you on or out of the 2nd round!

    I got mine and passed all sections, moving me onto further consideration at least. They won't be sending out any final acceptance letters until Dec. 15!
    UUuurrrghhhh! It's going to be a lllllooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg wait.

    Good Luck Everyone!

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  3. by   rosie26
    What is this program? I thought USC no longer had a nursing program.
  4. by   michellesrndream
    Yes, you're right. USC no longer has a BSN program, however the USC-L.A. County Medical Center has an ADN program run directly thru the medical center. They admit about 50 students every Fall & Spring. You have to complete your general at any other community college - they strictly offer the RN program and no general ed. toward the Associates. It's a bit more expensive than the community colleges, but you have the opportunity to "work off" your tuition by signing on for 2 years at the Medical Center. Secondly, all clinicals are done at this one location rather than the 6 weeks here, then 6 weeks there arrangement.

    If you're interested look up L.A. County School of Nursing & Allied Health.
  5. by   SanFranSRNA
    I graduated from County and highly recommend the program. Great training.
  6. by   carol72
    I just wanted to say congrats on passing the test. Two of my friends are presently in the county program & both love it. Best wishes.
  7. by   GotFaith
    I'm just wondering how long the waitlist is there or how long do you know of anyone waiting before getting accepted. Thanks