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California LVN, New york RN


I graduated with a BSN degree in the Philippines. Due to california's concurrency issue, I applied as an LVN. I also applied as an RN in New York. I just wanna know if the hospitals in New York would credit my experience as an LVN when I apply for an RN position? This is the only working experience I have since I never worked in the Philippines and I don't have a local license.

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JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Not often. There is a difference in scope of practice so most facilities give little if any credit for LPN experience. NYC is a highly competitive market with at times hundreds of applications for a single hospital job opening


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Are you a NY RN licensed already? And are you willing to work in NY? If you're still in doubt and want to stay here in Cali, just work for LVN for now. There are some places to work that you can have decent pay as LVN. And if you wanna stay here in Cali you can try to earn money and look for school and do you LVN-RN bridge program. Moving to other state is very skeptical for me that's why I decided here in Cali to stay and work as LVN. Especially most of my family and relatives is here. Again if you're willing to work in NY why not go apply. You can fix and arrange you resume according to you experience. Putting some application won't hurt you. Just try and be positive ;)

They would look at it the same way they approach the LPN experience of any applicant. Some employers will accept that you have viable nursing experience, others will require that you apply with X amount of RN experience if you want an RN job.

Update? I am the same. Maybe moving to ny

For sure madam...you can mail me via gmail if you're interested Grahamjordan83gmail.com