California or Hawaii?


If given a chance to work to either California or Hawaii, where would you rather be? will appreciate your inputs on this.

jjjoy, LPN

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I think it's more difficult to find work in Hawaii. California is a big state so it's rather hard to generalize about working there. There are forums specific to each state under the tab "regions."

Personally, I'd like to live in Hawaii as I really enjoy the tropics (all that rain and humidity means gorgeous green plant-life) but I wouldn't like having to take an extensive plane trip for any vacation off the islands. The cost of living in the big cities in California makes the goal of buying one's own house quite difficult and almost certainly means a lot of time in the car commuting. I've heard Hawaii is pretty expensive, too, though and the wages relatively lower. There are more affordable areas to live in California but they are hours away (without traffic) from any big city. Let's face it, the places people want to move to are expensive!


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hi, I actually have a lot of friends in Ca. They are now living in their dream houses. In just 2 months after transferring in California, they already bought their new cars.

It's very amazing. I also want to work and live in California.


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I live in Hawaii. I'm thinking of moving to California after I graduate.

The one thing about Hawaii is that everything is so expensive. Not just housing, but also how much stuff like food costs.

I admit that though I have lived in Vermont & Seattle, and would like to move to California, I do think if I found a job that I liked where I made enough money to buy a house, I would stay.



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CALIFORNIA!! is awesome, such diversity, you can ski, surf, hike, bike, rock in the desert, on the beach or in amazing mountains (where i am..northern cali, eastern sierra mtns!)

plus with the nursing ratio laws the work is alot easier than some states ive worked in!

housing is super spendy here, but the pay is sooo good!


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whoa, what a tough decision to make......I live in Hawaii, but honestly, it is hard to find a job here lately. we only have few hospitals, which now don't even hire nurses...I love california too, I come there to visit every year, however, although Hawaii is expensive place to live, I will probably stay here for now ;-). beside, I live 10 minutes away from work.


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how about... if given a chance to work and live in either California or Florida, where would you rather be? thanks alot in advance for your inputs.


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how about... if given a chance to work and live in either California or Florida, where would you rather be? thanks alot in advance for your inputs.

Pay wise- There's no comparison. Florida is one of the lowest paying states in the country, and the COL here is almost as high as CA. New Grads making less than 22.00/hr, and agency paying 25-27.00/hr for experienced RN's.

OTOH, I understand CA is one of the best paying states.


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thanks alot ya!!!!!

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