Calgary South Health Campus job opportunities?


Nurses in Calgary (who have jobs and aren't applying there) tell me that there are lots of jobs at the new South Health Campus hospital and that jobs are going unfilled due to a lack of applicants.

Has anyone tried to get a job there?

It would be interesting to have a list of newly opening hospitals across the country and some knowledge of when the hiring surges occur in the opening process.

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There aren't lots of jobs at SCH. They would have the need for many nurses, as does everwhere else however, need and actual numbers are very different.

Positions exist for nurses in specialized roles at SCH: emerg, OR, ICU. I have a friend with 8 years of experience who has been applying in Calgary for months with little success.

As usual, AHS will continue to play with positions. It's a new facility so the need would probably be high, but budgets are going to be the main factor.


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We were all hoping for a better job outlook when that facility opened.

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Really, it's nuts what the government did with SCH. They originally advertised hundreds of new jobs to be available, but then the budget cuts started. All they did was close units at Rockyview and Foothills and then shifted some nurses over to SCH. They also laid off approximately 50 palliative care and home care nurses at the time in Calgary.

So nothing has changed. A nice new hospital that's half open and understaffed. Calgary region nurses are still looking for work. And those postings? Many of them are not real, and that's true of every health region. They need to advertise the posting, but often there is no intention to fill it. Or, the position sits idle for months while HR and upper management debate. Sad but true.


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Two words. White elephant.

Same thing up here. Finally getting around to opening Sherwood Park, sort off, maybe, kinda .

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There are consistently around 40 RN postings for SHC but most of them are for internal applicants. The lines are not the best either because of "workforce optimization".