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CA NCLEX Retake Process

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Hello friends!

I have been searching everywhere for people talking about their experience in CA where they had to retake the NCLEX. My question is, how long did you have to wait?

I took the test during the FIRST week of August and it's already the second week of September. I sent it in the application around the second week of August and am getting antsy/worried just not knowing what is going on. I just want to know how long it took for you guys (who had to retake the NCLEX) to receive your eligibility to take it again?

-From-one anxious-nursing-graduate-who-wants-more-than-anything-to-have-those-RN-initials-right-after-her-name :scrying:


I had to retake NCLEX in CA too. Since the day the BRN received my reapp (I sent it priority mail with confirmation so I knew what day they got it) it took them 5 weeks to cash my check then another 2 weeks to get my new ATT. So you're looking at roughly 7-8 weeks. I would just start studying again so you're ready to test as soon as you get your new ATT.

Hey. I can truly understand what you guys would be going through. I also reapplied for Ca BON. I reapplied in end of May and got my eligibility again in August end. It almost takes 3 months.

@Mxnurse1 and @Saman123 I called the CA BRN and they told me it takes 4-5 weeks for them to cash the check from the date they received the mail! Sigh... It's a tough journey guys, but we're going to make it! I wish y'all who are retaking the NCLEX the best and will update if I have any helpful info! We can do this!

Losomeyo. It is DEFINITELY frustrating and I feel for you! I was bugging the BRN at least 3/4 a week on my eligibility status haha. I got my new ATT a week ago and immediately schedule to take my test the following week since I had studied the entire time I waited for my new ATT. I retook the nclex today, which felt 100 times better than my first time around!

I'm glad to hear that!! I hope you're relaxing and celebrating all the hard work/stress you had to face! Thank you for validating the horrible experience of the NCLEX repeat process :dead: it's very therapeutic haha.