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CA BON settle with dug diversion?

by Anonymous2020 Anonymous2020 (New) New Nurse

Any nurse in CA that were caught diverting able to settle with the board? If so what were your terms. Been over two years and just now coming to the point where they review my case and determine if I can keep my license with settlement terms or have to surrender. After reading many posts I see lots were able to keep their license but put through hell on probation..


I was recently caught diverting propofol (OD at work with the intention of suicide) FAIL! Ugh. I’m not sure if they consider propofol a narcotic. I’ve spoken with quite a few legal experts that have advised me that BRN intervention program is my best bet. I would love to hear from California nurses that have been through this process. This happened about a month ago and I have since secured a new ER job (which I will have to quit) but I’m thinking the benefits may help in that first month. I have documented history of bipolar disorder and my physician is willing to help me get disability. I’m trying to decide whether to enter this program or find a new career.

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ruby_jane, BSN, RN

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I am glad that you are still here, @Zuzubear. One day a a time.

@ruby_jane your kindness put a smile on my face. I have found that most people view nurses that divert to be somewhere between terrorist and murderer in the eyes of most other nurses. I appreciate your words so much. Thank you 

hppygr8ful, ASN, RN, EMT-I

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In 2002 I diverted medication in order to kill myself. It was a deliberate and intentional fact. What I took did not affect patients as it was not a secheduled narcotic ordered for any patient. Still something went wrong with my plan and I woke up in the ER where I worked. Was reported to the BON and did a 5 year stint in the California BON alternative to disciplne program otherwise know as diversion. 

There is a difference between Diversion and probation as the Diversion program once completed leaves no mention on your license. 

While the program is expensive it is also doable and you can and will get through it. 

I few years ago I went with my Man cub's scout troop to help with their mile swim in the ocean. The scout leader proctoring the event told the boys " Just jump in with both feet touch the bottom, swing up and just keep swimming until yo get there" this is my advice to you . Many nurses have taken it on and beat the odds to come out as a function healed and happy nurse but alot depends on your attitude. 

Good luck and stay strong.



Well, I submitted a mitigation package to to BON, Na meeting, continuing education, psych eval (normal), employee recommendation ect. Board responded after 2 months and is stating they want me to surrender my license. I still have mandatory hearing next month and hoping that I can counter. Not looking good for me at this point. Anyone who has been through this? or have and advise would be greatly appreciated.