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After 4 months of waiting for processing my application, I got a letter from CA BON who say they need the school curriculum.

I am a foreign trained nurse. My question is why didn't they request this with my application as a requirement for the NCLEX ?

Now I am in the US, and it is so difficult for me to contact the school in my country where I graduated.. and it takes so long time! I am so frustrated!

I have read a page from the CA BON WEB:

It said: " The Board doesn't require applicants to pass the CGFNS (foreign nurses test) in order to be licensed in CA. Although if you have been evaluated by CGFNS the Board will accept official coppies of your nursing transcript.

(including the clinical portion of your training, from this organization)"

I have passed the CGFNS 2002.

Does it mean that when the CGFNS send my credentials to the BON I do not need the CURRICULUM ? To my understanding :.. when the CGFNS has accepted my credentials, California will accept too. So they will not need the the CURRICULUM. Is it true ? Shall I call the CA BON ?

Did any of the foreign nurses who already went through this program go through all these problems? If they have had this kind of problems can they please give me some advice.

I really don't know what to do!

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Unfortunately, your file was completed with CGFNS in 2002, files are only kept open for two years. But you also went thru the exam process, not the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES), which are two different things. It sounds like they did not receive anything from CGFNS.

California actually does their own evaluation, so if they are requesting a curriculum, you will need to obtain it. My suggestion would be to first contact them by telephone and verify exactly what they need. Best time to phone them is at 9am California time, it is easiest to get thru then.


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I tried to contact them today, and I couldn't get them. I will try again..


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