are c sections a norm?

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hello, work in a 22 room BUSY o.r., but all c sections are done in the the "woman's hospital" attached to our facility. How do other hospitals work c sections. Do they have their own wing on the L&D floor or do they bring them down/up to main o.r. just curious...thanks

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We actually have a whole separate hospital for OB/GYN care. However, they do not have an ICU, so anyone with a history of difficult intubation, a complicated medical history, or currently have a serious medical condition have their surgery in our main facility. At the OB/GYN hospital, all sections are done in the OR, with GYN and scheduled sections in all but one of the rooms and the other room reserved for stat sections.

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We have 2 theatres at the end of the l&d ward (8 rooms) specifically for sections, trials and repairs.

There is a 'HDU' room (read glorified sideroom), but the midwives don't have a clue and keep coming to ask the ODP's for help with anything more complicated than an IV.

The 'real' ITU is the other side of the hospital and needs a paramedic ambulance for transfers. Bit too far for my liking.

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After doing C/S for almost 10 years in the OR the cases were finally moved to L&D in 1989. We taught them, coached them and finally left them alone. L&D is down the hall and we still support them for disasters, hysters, but in general they leave us alone. We appreciate that because it's their problem now not ours.

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The L & D ORs are in the Women's Building, which is a part of the hospital but pretty much a different world. :)

The other ORs are too far away in the event of a crash section.

Post op, if a mom needs ICU monitoring, the SICU is right next to the women's building and the NICU, so it works out well.

The only time the L & D ORs are not used is in the event of a C-section associated with a trauma. But that's a different story altogether...

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